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Hunza: People of Hussainabad village without water, road and electricity

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Gilgit, September 26: Fear of landslide disaster grips the people of Hussainabad village, located in lower Hunza, also known as Shinaki region. A mountain above the village, located opposite of the famous Rakaposhi Mountain (Nagar Valley), has developed cracks and some of its portions are sliding down, according to local people. The landslide has destroyed a water channel and a road, causing immense difficulties for the local population.

GBLA Speaker, Wazir Baig, has said that he will visit Hussainabad village himself to observe the situation and take measures for protection of the community. He has said that the situation in Hussainabad is a cause of concern. He has said that the Geological Survey of Pakistan has studied the landslide and termed it to be dangerous.

“A water channel, a link raod and electricity poles (pylons) have been destroyed due to landslide”, a local person informed this reporter. He said that the local people are living under the fear of a disaster.

The Hussainabad region has been a cause of concern for different organizations and government departments. Recently, the deputy commissioner of Hunza – Nagar district had visited the village and observed the situation on ground.

Local people informed that the technical staff of FOCUS Pakistan, an NGO working in the field of disaster management, has also studied the landslide area a couple of times in the past.

The locals have said that immediate steps should be taken to restore electricity and drinking water for the village.

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  1. Pamir time team is requested to make correction in the map of Hussain abad. It has been mentioned Ayeen abad instead of Khizer Abad. Ayeen Abad is in Upper hunza Gojal and it has merged with lake. Please indicate the Khizer Abad in place of Ayeen Abad.Apart from this the all types of leadership to start working on strategic plan for sustainability of said area.

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