Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

The power of we

Internet has revolutionized the world of communications and human interaction.

Never in history had so many people been connected in real-time, capable of exchanging videos, audio and text.

Everyday hundreds of millions of ordinary people are sharing knowledge, emotions, philosophies, political thoughts, aspirations and experiences about a wide range of topic.

This ease of interactivity has brought the people closer, making more room for understanding and appreciation of the diversity. Like-minded people across the world are coming together to support causes, philosophies and ideologies dear to them.

The reaction to violence against Malala Yousufzai, a child activist who was shot by terrorists in Swat valley of Pakistan, is a recent case in point.

After this incident we saw people from across the world coming together, writing blogs, sharing photographs, videos and audio messages to support the ideas that Malala stood for. Similarly, there are many other causes supported by bloggers and ordinary users of social-networks.

This togetherness in thought and spirit is “the power of we” that is being discussed in this year’s Blog Action Day, a global event in which bloggers from 106 countries are making similar posts, to highlight the power of blogs and social media.

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