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Educationist from Gilgit-Baltistan appointed member of International Editorial Advisory Board at University of North Carolina

Sharif Ullah Baig

Rahim Khan

Gilgit, 5 November: The University of North Carolina at Greensboro USA , Department of Educational Leadership and Cultural Foundations School of Education Buildin, has

Sharif Ullah Baig

appointed Mr. Sharif Ullah Baig as a member of the 2013 International Editorial Advisory Board of the National Council of Educational Administration (NCPEA). He has been appointed in “recognition of his contribution in the area of research into human values, behaviors and the educational leadership”. He will represent Pakistan on the advisory board.

Sharif Ullah Baig, a resident of Shishkat-Gojal, upper Hunza, is currently working as an Instructor at the Aga Khan University – Institute for Educational Development, Professional Development Center North,  Gilgit.

He is widely known for his publications in the area of educational research, human values, and human behavior.

19 thoughts on “Educationist from Gilgit-Baltistan appointed member of International Editorial Advisory Board at University of North Carolina

  1. Congratulations and facilitations on a great achievement. In fact you deserve this. We all are proud of you and the researchers like me are looking forward for your guidance to polish their skills. order to promote this culture of research and writing in our area.Once again my heartiest congratulations to you as well as to your organisation.

  2. Dear Mr. Sharif.

    Congrats to you! Its a great pleasure and honor not for you only but to all of us your family and our country as well.

    Best wishes and regards.

  3. My heartiest congratulations on this wonderful achievement. You are really an inspirational leader for us. Hope you will continue your good work in future as well.

  4. Congratulations. Shariefullah Bhai. It is indeed a great news for all of us. hope to see u in North Carolina very soon.

    Charlotte North Carolina USA

  5. Dear Sharif,congratulations. I am so happy and feel so proud for this achievement. Excellent. You did it. Please, keep up your good work.

  6. Many congratulations Sharif Bhai. It is really a great achievement and we do hope that the youth of Gilgit Baltistan specially the researchers will follow your path. Keep up your great work.

    Sultan Ahmed

  7. —-Many many Congratulation Sharif, always a well wisher of the Hunzukutz and Gojalies. Proud on such son and daughters of Hunza & GB.—————KEEP up the zeal for such works.

  8. True inspiration!!!! truly deserved!! Many many congratulations sir.i don’t have words to explain how happy i am.May the success that has come your way today lead you to a bigger achievement in the years to come.(Ameen)

  9. We proud of U Sharif bhai many many Congratulations to U & ur family & all Shishkat people Allah aap ko har mazil per kamiyabi nasseb karey Aameen

  10. Dear Sharif ullah sb, Indeed, it is a great news….congratulation and well-done. you were absolutely deserve for this high up. We proud of you. “Struggle is the meaning of life. success and failure is in the hands of God, but struggle itself mans duty”. Cheers….Kamal uddin

  11. I would like to pay my heartiest gratefulness and thanks to all of my friends, relatives and well-wishers for their encouragement and appreciations.

  12. Heartfelt congratulations for such a great achievement Sharif sir, I wish and hope you will continue your scholarly work for the development of our society.

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