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PMLN white paper accuses Gilgit-Baltistan government of massive corruption

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Gilgit, Nov 12: The Gilgit-Baltistan government has institutionalized corruption by giving freehand to coalition and PPP ministers, cabinet members and legislators to amass wealth at the cost of the public. 500,000 sacks of wheat-grains are being embezzled. Around 600 million rupees are being embezzled in the name of internal security. 17 million rupees have been spent on construction of the Gilgit-Baltistan Governor House, but so far no progress has been made in this regard.

These allegations were leveled against the GB government by PMLN leaders at a press conference held in the regional capital.

PMLN’s regional chief organizer, Hafiz Hafeez ur Rehman said that the institutions are being destroyed due to financial embezzlement, nepotism and favoritism. He also said that some blue-eye-boys of the PPP government have made tens of millions of rupees with the connivance of the Gilgit-Baltistan government.

He also said that despite of spending around one billion rupees on maintenance of peace, the region remains vulnerable and far away from stability and harmony. Hafeez further said that the youth are being made to fight, to keep them disunited.

He also said that basic pay scales of clerks have been changed and now they are getting salaries as teachers. He repeated the allegation of sale of jobs in the ministry of education and food & agriculture and PWD.

The detailed white paper, containing around 32 pages, made available to the media has statistics related to allegations of corruption.

The white-paper is likely to further strain the PPP led coalition government in Gilgit-Baltistan, which is already suffering because of internal tensions and disharmony within the cabinet and the party.

The PPP government will have to rebut the allegations with evidences, failing which the public will be justified to assume that the charges are valid and based on merit.

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  1. We are in a state of self cursing without being able to do anything for stopping the corruption by our own elected members. The civil society is so silent that it seems as if it is part & parcel of the same game. When elected governments fail then civil societies come forward to give a helping hand in changing the living conditions of its people. Should we wait until a miracle happens to us or should we play our role to stop the on going corruption?

  2. I never heard any white paper against previous government. this could be a first paper against the corruption of current government. i would say good job PMLN and his chief Hafiz sb…

  3. The contribution to political and constitutional reforms and package are all about PPP so hafiz should keep quite no more talks, we know about the corruption of Punjab Govt S asti rooti and labtop Hafiz g must go with their leaders to Saudi Arab Inshallah

  4. Criticism is inevitable for improvement of society or any organization. That is why the leader of opposition has great role to oppose the things that are against the ethics and rules regulations of governance and country. In order to ensure accountability every intellectual and well wisher of GB needs to indicate weaknesses of individuals or group regardless of cast, colour and party. The ultimate objective may be improvement of society. Formerly as I had openly elaborated that WE GBians appreciate and salute to all those presidents and prime ministers or parties who have practically worked for the GBians are as follows:

    – Shahid Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto demolished the FCR rule and envisioned the democracy in GB as well as in country.

    – President Pervaz Musharaf launched a net work of development programmes in GB by mega projects. He also provided fund to the MNAS of PPP as well to ensure development in their localities.
    KKH extention, Basha Diamer dame, and KIU are its examples.

    – Sharif brethren practically involved in development of GB i.e provided relief and grant for Geyari and Atta abad disaster hit people, Encouraged and facilitated the GBIAN students through increasing seats in medical and Engineering, granting free education and rewarding high flyers of GBians. Apart from this they physically visited the homes of disaster hit people to reduce their grief. All these shows their selfless commitment and devotion towards the GBians. We all need to be broad minded to discriminate between good and bad.

    – It is said now we have our own government of GB. Ok it is good but the question arises here are as follows:

    Why our all type of leadership is not at the same line regarding the development of GB. We observe the following weaknesses in individuals or in systems which leads towards the cause of defaming party, Government or departments.

    – All officials ( Govt, Semi Govt, NGOs) are highly paid to provide services to communities.Is it happening so? I would say never, For instance the federal government supplies 14 kg ration per person per month( Sources from Home secretary office). while on ground the people are getting 6 to 8 kg per month in Ghizer, Gilgit and Baltistan. Yes some are getting more than 14 KG. why it is injustice, the answer is ,Not having accountability and mechanism of follow up or social auditing or dishonesty or corruption.If certain ministers or officers favours his or her party or community how can we can say that we have our own government. Of course this type of Government will be specify for certain people, or certain communities or certain group who are availing the opportunity.

    -It is also noticed that within party there is strong opposition regarding corruption. Some members are encouraging while some are its against. All these shows there is element of Corruption in some where which is highlighted by all well wishers of GBIans regardless of party affiliation.PPP jialays also condemned the corruption in a recent rally which was launched for peace and integration and against corruption.

    -I heard by many people saying that we were provided jobs after getting 3 to 4 lac rupees. If merit is discouraged and deserving people does not get his due right what is the usage of having our own government. I would never say that all ministers or all high officials are involved in this corruption. If any one is committed and remaining are silent or not discouraged it means they are also equally involved. Such types of Officers or leaders does not deserve to sit in GBIans seat. All officials needs to be beyond prejudices and affiliations in their official routines.

    – We all appreciating and appraising the efforts of Chief Secretary for streamlining the systems in Govt. departments in making accountable the officials but at the same time it is rumouring that honest and committed local officers are targeted by mounting pressure by political leadership. Personally I would never expect with respected Chief secretary to discourage the honest and local competent officers by saying of political leadership. It goes without saying that Gul baig has earned a good name in GB due to his professionalism and honesty. If he is targeted on political pressure it is not a good sign for GB. Being a guardians of GB and Officials The Chief secretary would do maintain equality and justice.

    – I would clearly say that if any Senior officer regardless of local or none local demonstrates dishonesty and unaccountability in his profession he should never be spared. We expect with all officials to follow the given code of conduct in their daily routines.

    1. If office timing is 8.30 all needs to be in seats at 8.30 in offices from office boy to Chief Secretary, CM and Governor and leave the office accordingly. We expect with president and prime minister as well.

    2. If any official is late he or she should inform to immediate supervisor to be late. Habitual should be discouraged and deduction can be done to bring improvement in behaviour.

    3. It should be ensure that Staff attendance is maintained properly and accurate time is mentioned in register.

    4.The aspect of behaviour should be kept as indicator in annual appraisal of staff. i.e smoking in offices, Alcohol drinking , gender harassment,negligence in duty regarding the protection of Govt. assets. Many indicators are included to avoid and make reduction the bad habits.
    5. The monitoring system if it exist be fair and clear.

    We need to bring improvement in all discussed areas but prime responsibility rests with high officials and leadership to ensure the implementation of good governance rules and present their self as role model for their staff and public.It is hoped That all seniors would never take it inconvenient.

    Ali Mehr
    civil society

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