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Mamnoon Hussain becomes the 12th President of Pakistan

MHIslamabad: Mamnoon Hussain, a candidate backed by the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz has been elected as the 12th President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

The announcement was made today by a presiding officer after the counting of votes culminated.

PTI supported retired judge, Wajihuddin Ahmed, was the only other candidate contesting the presidential poll which has been boycotted by three parties, including Pakistan Peoples Party, which has majority in the senate.

The electoral college for the presidential poll comprises the National Assembly, the Senate and the four provincial assemblies. The results of Sindh, Balochistan and KPK have been announced but the results from Punjab are awaited, where PMLN has vast majority.

Mamnoon Hussain is a businessmen who has also been involved in politics, working for the PMLN. He was briefly appointed Governor of Sindh province in 1999, for six months. His family migrated to Pakistan from Agra, India during the partition in 1947 and his family lives in Karachi.

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One Comment

  1. We all GBIANS convey our felicitation and best wishes to Mamnoon Hussain on becoming 12th elected president of Islamic republic of Pakistan with following expectations:

    1. To ensure transform the country in true sense the Quaid ‘s Pakistan
    2. To ensure application of good governance in the country
    3. To ensure merit
    4. As president to be symbol of integration for all provinces and citizens of Pakistan regardless of cast, colour, religion and party affiliation.
    5. To ensure proper delivery of services to public through Govt. institutions.
    6. To ensure in placing mentoring and monitoring mechanisms for effective and efficient out put of govt. departments.
    7. To take concrete measures to eliminate and eradicate the corruption from provinces as well as from country. For this purpose all financial data should be collected from Govt. Employees and even from political leadership as well.
    8. To strengthening and empowering the institutions and provinces through addressing the emerging issues.

    At last but no least we expect that yours good self would play key role in senate and national assembly to grant the constitutional right to Gilgit – Baltistan that has been kept deprived the GBIANS for many decades.

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