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Local people are involved in Gilgit violence: Haji Janbaz Khan

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The Gilgit city has been gripped by violence and unrest throughout the year 2012

Gilgit, December 19: GBLA member and the leader of opposition, Haji Janbaz Khan has said that local people are involved in violence in the city. He has blamed the administration for failing to control the situation. “The only action that the Deputy Commissioner takes is that he bans movement on motorcycles”, he told a journalist reporting for a regional daily, in an exclusive interview. The opposition leader also demanded removal of the DC.

Haji Janbaz has also come hard on the chief minister, accusing him of being a coward and inept leader, and blaming his government of plundering resources while the city burns. He has demanded “serious action” against the miscreants.

Similar views have been shared by Raja Nisar Wali, President of the Masajid Board, which played a prominent role in bringing the people together during the Ashura processions.

He has demanded public execution of those involved in acts of terrorism, according to a report published in a regional Urdu daily.

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  1. I do agree with Mr. Janbaz Khan, that local people are involved in destroying the peaceful environment of GB. Starting from the major incident in Chilas, who else could have dared to target public transport to undertake mass and specified killing, followed by the incident of loolosar, except for the locals. People of Diamar never allow other people to hurt a Dog, how cum outsiders came, killed so many people of GB and locals kept quite. What happened to the local tribal system? Where was the Shoora? What role did the local politicians play?

    He is right that locals are the ones who do this in retaliation to previous incidents. So we need to stop religious hatred in order to keep our words and to let GBian live their prosperous lives. Work is more important than words in this regard.

  2. I fully agree with Mr.Aziz Ahmed that justice can not be demanded in isolation. All the culprits involved in Khohistan , Chilas, Laloosar and Gilgit massacre should get exemplary panishemt to achieve peace and sectarian harmony in GB.

  3. Yes, it is true. how is it possible without involving local people. An outsider can kill a person on road and isolated areas, but can,t in the streets of a small city. So first of all Gilgit city should be cleaned from arms.

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