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NHA officials visit Gojal valley, KKH compensation likely to be 9-11 Lac per kanal of land

by Nur

Gulmit, May 28: Officials of the National Highways Authority (NHA) have visited Gojal valley to hold discussions with political and social representatives about the KKH expansion and grievances of the local communities. General Manager of the NHA, Muhammad Alyas Afzal Khan, CWwas leading the team of visitors. Also present were officials of the Chinese Bridge and Road Construction Corporation (CBRC), including project deputy GM, Ye Ching Jin. Shehbaz Khan represented the people of Gojal during the meet.

Talking to Pamir Times on phone  Shehbaz Khan, member district council said that he briefed the officials about various complaints lodged by the local communities with regards to the KKH expansion work. He said that the issue of land compensation was discussed and it was principally agreed that an amount between 9-11 Lac rupees per Kanal will be paid to those affected by expansion of the Karakuram Highway.

The NHA officials, earlier, also held similar meetings with community representatives at Karimabad and Aliabad. The community had demanded at least 1.5 million rupees per kanal of land being used for expansion of the KKH, in Hunza valley.

Reportedly the issues of demolishing boundary walls without permissions, causing damage to water channels and destroying trees without prior notice were also discussed during the meeting. The CBRC officials assured that such actions will be avoided in the future. It was also emphasized that the NHA and CBRC shall give priority to local youth while filing vacancies related to the KKH expansion project.

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  1. “Harkat may barket hay” as our political representatives make some movements there result we can see… keep moving for people

  2. Dear All….
    Since i was looking at the reporting and comments comming on I was quite surprize….. How immediate our reactions are to any event without understanding. Though we all know that expansion work of KKH is on its peak and NHA is taking care of it. They have several officials in the field and have established field offices. Thus their visits are frequant and most of the time has nothing with the local people. As far the issue of compansations are concerns ,… there are a set channel for it and it has been worked since long ago by the people of Hunza. It has a channel and could be done through that. NHA will never set the compansation amount… please understand… all these are drama.

  3. Good News
    But this should also be made ensure that the compensation is paid to the affecties trasnparently.

  4. kuyee humid ber nahi ati
    kuyee surat nazar nahi atee

    ye sab jut ki kashtkari hain season hain election ka
    in numayindun pe kisi ka barosa nazar nahi ati


  5. Dear POP Jon

    Agar shahbaz ka joot hai .Than what is the truth. By6 the way this is duty of Shabaz to lead the area. If some body from ppp gives a statement that is good that called good effort. become always neutral

  6. dil khash karne k liye acha hain vasa to Govts agar elan bi kare to khane wale log bi mojud hain. 9 se 11 lac to islamabad ki zamin ki price nahi Gijal main kahan se ho saktha hain. mare khayal se shahbaz sab ko election main hana hi nahi chaye .. koi educated haye to acha hain

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