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Muhammad Ali Akhtar’s incapacity caused financial crisis in Gilgit-Baltistan: PPP Info Sec

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Gilgit, January 5: Provincial Information Secretary of the Pakistan Peoples’ Party, Rana Nazeem has said that the in-capacities of finance minister, Muhammad Ali Akhtar, have caused financial crisis in Gilgit-Baltistan. He has demanded removal of Akhtar from the post and his replacement with some “capable Jiyala”. He said this today while addressing people gathered at the PPP Secretariat in Gilgit. The Jiyalas had gathered to celebrate the birth anniversary of Chairman Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto.

The senior party leader also said that the PPP led government in GB is going through an embarrassing situation because of failure in paying salaries and pensions to government officials.

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  1. Kal be Bhutto Zinda tha,,
    Ajj be bhutto zinda hy,,,

    and funny slogan.

    Rooti Kapra oor Makaan.

    How much long time you people make fool nation of fake slogans.

    1. I agree we are fool nation and elect corrupt politicians.

      These politicians fill their pockets, after that they make fool whole nation by fake slogans.

  2. All is drama to loot money from both hands.

    No Electricity…………..
    No Hospital………
    No Education………

    Only slogan is corruption……..

  3. All ministers including,Chief minister,Speaker and Governor are ineligible,better to say the whole assembly is full of corrupt and naive members…! GB(Northern Area) was better govern by ex bureaucratic system than these so called politicians….

  4. Rana sab ! It seems odd and none professional approach to passing the remarks about any person without rationalization and justification. You have mentioned to removal of Finance minister due to his incapacity and replacing with new a capable jayalay. You have also held him responsible of financial crises in GB.
    Would you please clarify about the given questions?
    • It seems that political disintegration and gap is found within party if I am not wrong.
    • Have you developed any set standard criteria for becoming minister or advisor?
    • Are you or your leadership was not involved in assigning task to Muhammad ali Akhter ? If you or your leadership was involved than how many times you stopped him to create financial crises. How you and your leadership mentored him?
    • I admit that he is not a CA or MBA but there were many professionals around him who can guide him to lead the ministry professionally.
    • Just now I was reading in daily news that the salary of 500 employees hired with through unlawful way that is bribing, is still with held. So far I have not heard from any single person that Muhammad Ali akhtar has kept his jayalays as agent in different regions and in offices to collect the money against the positions and forwarding it to Sr. leaders. If it is so than he is responsible and deserve it. So far we have not heard him about it like our others some honest GBLAS. He is considered comparatively better than his other colleagues who are publicly defame.
    • I admit that being a human being Muhammad Ali akhtar might have many improvement areas regarding dealing his business or approaching with people but it is cleared that already he had property and assets due to his hard work in Chinese business. He is considered a well known businessman and social activist of GB.
    • You have mentioned about capable jayalays. Would you please clarify it. If you have jayalays all around the GB why the given violations are there.
    – Why basic human rights are violated and to some extent these are violated by your jayalays.
    – Why the jobs are sold in market and what is the role of relevant jayalys, Are they working as middleman or they discouraging the corruption. You can get the answers from the people as well.
    – Are jayalays only deserved for employments in GB or equality should be there? Would you present the list of employees of various regions to justify equality and impartiality?
    – Are only jayaly related Govt. officers deserved to sustain in offices? Are all capable officers should not be there on merit bases. I have personally heard to passing remarks by a jayala that now our party member has resumed his position as secretary in x department. Now we have no any hurdle here to accomplish the task and he did so on the cost of deserving ones. Is he deserves to call jayala.? I would say never such jayalay are causes the defamed of party as well as leadership.
    We were assuming that Govt officials are there to deliver services. From that day I realized those are also for certain party and they have been polluted and influenced as well while their professionalism demands to be above these prejudices and limitations. That is why people seek help of political leaders to do their legal work as well.
    Here as a social activist and moderator of GB regardless of my party affiliation my request would be with all responsible authorities to do not compromise on principles and realities and restore the image of GB with mutual understanding within party , leadership , offices or in social areas. Need to become a true Gilito of GB envisioned by our heroes and martyrs of Gilgit- Baltistan war.

  5. I agree with Ishtiaq sahib atleast we were not paying for jobs now for one teacher you have to pay 300000/-PKR to get job every one knows about this but what to do coz we love Jamhooriyat…..

    1. Democracy suits there, where people aware of their rights and duties.

      Democracy in our country means nation is slave leaders are kings.

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