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Gojal: Wazir Baig says that Sost will be turned into a Tehsil

Sost: The guests came in a chopper because the dammed Hunza River is frozen and boats are not operating
Sost: The guests came in a chopper because the dammed Hunza River is frozen and boats are not operating

Our Correspondent 

Sost, January 14: GBLA Speaker Wazir Baig and Chief Secretary Gilgit-Baltistan Saleem Hotiyana visited Gojal valley today in an official helicopter. They met community representatives, officials of the Khunjerav Villagers’ Organization and also visited a school in Khudabad village.

A recently rescued Snow Leopard cub was also shown to them by the KVO members and they also saw Ibex and Marcopolo Sheep with the help of binoculars.

Speaking at the occasion, Wazir Baig said that being a trade hub and regional economic center, Sost needs to be turned into a Tehsil. He said that a 25-bed hospital will be established in Sost. Baig said that the Chief Minister will be taken into confidence for turning Sost into a Tehsil.

He also said that relief items are being brought from China. He thanked the GB government and Chief Secretary Hotiyana for making efforts to ensure provision of relief for the disaster hit region. He also said that 100 million (10 Crore) rupees have been earmarked for the development of Gojal Valley.

The Speaker and CS also took notice of the incompletion of Khudabad road. They sought report in this regard from the district administration. Deputy Commissioner Capt (r) Shehbaz was present at the occasion. They also sought report about the Water Supply issue of Sost town.

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  1. Good step towards development with meeting communities and monitoring the projects by top management and leadership. It is hoped through out the region they would visit to ensur addressing the emerging issues. Especially disaster hit villages need more concentration and consideration in upper hunza and lower Hunza.

  2. Good news about the Visit of Speaker GB assembly and Chief secretary GB to Sost and made some announced about the project and administrative set up that is encouraging. we were expecting such developments two years earlier, but in the current situations it looks just announcement. even then we are hopeful that some other new developments will start to ease the life of the people.There are three valleys which are facing poor road difficulties like Chepursan, Misgar and Shimshal those must be facilitate at first priorities.other than these regular membership from Gojal is our first and for most demand.

  3. Good News indeed, Lets see, it becomes reality or just an announcement…. Our political leadership has failed to deliver till date & has really hurt many of the natives due to non-fulfillment of their commitments & obligations….

  4. usually political leadership take some steps and measures before elections, in GB elections are due at the end of year 2013 or 2014, so we should not be happy for such announcements and steps, we appreciate Mr. Speaker for his past background and honesty but this is fact that powers and authority rests in the hands of corrupt politicians and bureaucracy.

    Anyway lets hope for the best and appreciate if any development is planned and timely implemented.

  5. Its a healthy sign and very much required for the area. Looking Forward to see it becoming fruition.

  6. This visit is just to get rid of the tense city of Gilgit for a while. All the emerging issues are still hanging on. In August 2012 during his visit to Gulmit Waszir Beg promised to appoint Medical Officer at Gulmit Hospital, which was the singal utmost demand of the people but nothing happened. This person should look to the people with his open eyes first, who are suffering for the last three years instead of Ibexs and Marcopolo Sheeps through binoculars.

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