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Hyderabad based youth from Ghizer discuss regional issues at a meeting

Hyderabad: Youth from Ghizer during a meeting
Hyderabad: Youth from Ghizer during a meeting

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Hyderabad, Jan. 20: An important meeting of youth and professional people of Ghizar District took place at a local library here in Hyderabad. The meeting was presided over by Noor Akbar, President Middle Punial Youth and Professionals Association (MPYPA).

It was decided that a session on ‘’Problems and challenges faced by Ghizar Youth and their Solutions ‘’ will be organized on coming Sunday, January 27, 2013 in Hyderabad.

Students and Professionals based at Hyderabad will also share their point of view in the session regarding establishment of a civil society based organization of youth and professionals at District level.

The session will also include some cultural items like traditional dance, singing and short plays in local language. Families will also be invited to the program.

The forth coming program will help address the problems faced by the youth at one hand and provide entertainment to families and those based at Hyderabad on the other hand who are away from their  native areas  and seldom happen to attend programs characterized with cultural and traditional touch.

The meeting was held as a result of the efforts made by the MPYPA members in Hyderabad, Sind. Participants appreciated the role that MPYPA is playing for the development of youth and assured their support in its positive activities.

Students and professionals of Gupis, Ishkoman and Punial tehsils of Ghizar based at Hyderabad attended the meeting.  Participants included Arman Shah (Community leader), Masood Alam ( Program Officer AKEPB Sind) , Niat Amin (Student Sind University) , Arif Hussain (Student Sind University) , Manzoor Alam (Student) , Akbar Hussain( Student Sind Univerty), Muhammad Anwar (Student of Civil Eng), Gazanfar Rajo (student), Karim ,Kamran (student) Sher Ahamd,(Officer SBL) and Salman (student).

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