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Enraged protestors exchange hot words with GBLA speaker in Aliabad, Hunza

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Hunza: A group of estranged protestors exchanged hot words with Wazir Baig, Speaker of GBLA, yesterday in Aliabad, Hunza.

The protestors, hailing form Gojal Valley, were enraged because of the suspension of boat service and the failure of the government to arrange alternate means of transportation for the region.

A group of people stuck in Aliabad for several days encircled the vehicle of GBLA speaker in the main Aliabad Bazar and protested against the non-availability of health and transportation facilities in the disaster hit Gojal Valley. The speaker, reportedly, lost his temper and exchanged hot words with the protesters.

He also asked the protesters to show patience, saying natural disasters are beyond human capacities and slow and gradual progress is being made towards resolution of the issues.

The protestors said that if arrangements were not made to shift the stranded commuters they will besiege the DC office and stage a protest demonstration.

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  1. It is not time of emotions to get our rights, because we have lost the chances of emotions and knowledgeable decisions. Now we will face the problems and it will increase more in the coming years. tow kind of politics National and International is involved in this case, it is out of our reach now. we need a workable plan for future communication first. we must invite the representative of Gojal to Gulmit or at some other place and share with him the problems and its solutions.

  2. Agreed with Ustad Raza Muhammad, community participation and dialogue is very much important, personally I would suggest that we must be politically sound and strong.

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