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Chopper makes first sorite to Gojal Valley, five stranded commuters evacuated on the first day

Gulmit: One chopper made a sorite today but more sorties will have to be made to evacuate hundreds of the stranded passengers
Gulmit: One chopper made a sorite today but more sorties will have to be made to evacuate hundreds of the stranded passengers

Gilgit, January 30: A chopper operated between spillway of the dammed Hunza River and Gulmit today, making only one sortie. Only five people out of the hundreds of stranded commuters waiting on both sides of the frozen lake could be evacuated through the chopper, before the fligths were called off due to “technical issues”.

The local people have hoped that more sorites will be made by the chopper in the days ahead to end the suffering of the people.

Police were also deployed in large numbers near the chopper landing site in Gulmit to control the groups of people who had gathered with the anticipation of being carried out of the disaster hit valley.

According to locals stuck in Aliabad, the administration did not inform the commuters about the place from where they had to be air-lifted. Later it was found that the sortie will be made from the spillway of the dammed river to Gulmit. On learning this hundreds of passengers reached the spillway from Aliabad. After waiting there for several hours they were told that the chopper had developed a technical fault and could not be operated for rest of the day.

The dis-hearted, penniless and helpless passengers had to return to Aliabad, to spend their eighth night in the town.

Students demand facilitation from KIU administration

Meanwhile, the former Chairman of Gojal Youth Forum, Sherullah Baig, has demanded of the KIU administration to extend the date for submission of fees s for BA examination because many students have not been able to reach Gilgit due to the suspension of boat service in Gojal Valley.

He also demanded extension in the admission dates at the Karakoram International University.

Sherullah Baig said that the KIU administration should realize severity of the situation and react in a more considerate manner, while facilitating the students in the hours of need.

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  1. It seems no body is ready to solve the problems of the stranded people of Gojal looking to the chopper serves. If hundreds of people from both sides are waiting for flights and it made only one sortie lifting five persons, what it makes sense.the Gojalieans must think over the problem and plan for options which is achievable. there are Options will be shared later.

  2. My request goes to the VC.Najma Najam KIU to accommodate the students of Gojal on special consideration basis’s that they are stranded there and could submit their admission forms and appear in the exams according to the given time. save their precious academic year.

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