Ghulam Ali Sakhi: A budding pop singer from Gilgit-Baltistan

Ghulam Sakhi
Israr Salahuddin
Karachi– The Pakistan music scene has brought out some talented young pop artists, who ruled the Asian pop music industry. These artists proved to be the best envoys of the country who with their melodious voices not only create fame for the country but also built soft image of the country abroad.
A welcome addition to Pakistan pop music is Gilgit-Baltistan based Artist Mr Ghulam Ali Sakhi.
Ghulam Ali Sakhi, one of the youngest singers of GB, is curretnly working on his debut album, which will be completed till the end of this year.
Giving details of the band, he said that they belong to Upper Hunza and were active in local musical events in local language. However, after moving to Karachi, he has stared to compose his songs, mostly in English, and performed in different schools and colleges of the city . “If Zaman, his Mamu, was not there it would have been not this much easy for me to release my firstcover song in such a short span of time,” said vocalist Sakhi. He said I am also working on the video of my first cover song and will be released soon.
He further said that the cover song “live while we are young ” has already been uploaded on my fan page of face book and I am getting a very positive response.
Artist: Ghulam Ali Sakhi Feat Hyder Chao
Music BY : Ghulam Ali
Studio Recording by: Qaiser Ahmed @cube studio

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  1. This is a pleasant surprise as well a very good news that the young boy under sixteen is going to rock in pop music. This a very positive creativity,we must appreciate this young talent in his effort to make a succulence debut. The young generation has many opportunities as well many adversaries especially in a frustrating environment of law and order in Karachi. I appreciate the support by Zaman and his parents in the field of music ….Keep Rocking Ghulam Ali Sakhi

  2. Ghulaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam :O
    i am so proud of you.
    its great to have students of AGA KHAN SCHOOL GARDEN, doing such a tremendous work. I am sure, you will rock out, leaving Justin behind.
    My best wishes with you 🙂
    keep rocking.
    (p.s. After reading this all and listening to your music, I am finally going to like your page-deserve it dude ) xD

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