Karachi: New cabinet of HGISF sworn in

HGISF Oath Taking

Karachi, March 3: (PR) Oath taking ceremony of Hunza Gilgit Ismaili Students Federation was held on Saturday 2nd March 2013 at SMS lawn Karimabad, Karachi. The cabinet was appointed by Regional Council for Karachi &  Baluchistan for a term of one year starting from December 13, 2012.

Oath was administered by Chairman Regional Youth & Sports Board for Karachi and Baluchistan & Member Regional council for Karachi & Baluchistan Mr. Qamber Sher Ali. Newly appointed Cabinet members of the federation are Chairman Naveed Gul, Vice Chairperson Noor Bano, General Secretary Babar Junaid, Information Secretary Mohammad Karim, Joint Secretary Barkat Ali Shah, and Finance Secretary Rehmat Amin.

In the ceremony “Oath for Collective Wellbeing”, newly appointed Chairman of the Federation, Naveed Gul, shared future strategies/plans for development through presentations. Moreover, HGISF’s Central Working Committee (CWC) was also formally appointed and categorized into Six Sub-committees i.e Education and Skills Development (ESD), Media and Information (M&I), Sports and Recreation Activities (SRA), Finance and Resource Mobilization (FRM), Social Harmony and Public Affairs (SH&PA) and Health Care Committee (HCC). All these committee have been assigned the task to work in their respective areas and devise programs for the benefit our people.

The ceremony was attended by many honorable guests from Hunza Gilgit notably, Hakim Ali Khan Senior Director AKU, Jan Alam Khaki, renowned scholar, presidents of village organizations and representatives of Regional Council for Karachi and Baluchistan. Apart from Oath Taking Ceremony and presentations of the federation the Guests were entertained with traditional cuisines and luminous musical performance by “Shouq Band”.

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    Please people wake up its not right…. it is just beacuse of the ignorance of few people that the hole community suffers…..

    Stop it and plz do soem possitive work……….

  2. Dear Nazeer HGISF is not a new organization, the federation is working since late 50s and it works under the umbrella of Regional Council for Karachi & Baluchistan.

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