Non-representation: Kalash community threatens to boycott 2013 election

Representatives of the Kalash community talking to the media
Representatives of the Kalash community talking to the media

Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral, April 12: Elders of tunique, vulnerable and economically deprived Kalash community from three valleys of Chitral stghdemanded their constitutional have demanded their rights under the 1973 constitution.

Addressing a news conference Wazir Zada, Luk Rehmat, Unat Baig and others said that Kalash is a unique nation in the world and they have been registered by the United Nations as an indigenous community. They said that according to constitution of 1973 they were allowed to elect their own candidate, along with the the Sikh, Hindu, Parsi and Bahai community. These elected representatives then used to join one or the other political party for the benefit of the communities. They accused General Musharraf of finishing the system and leaving the minority communities at the mercy of other major political parties.

They said that Shazada Khan Kalash has contested twice in 1993 and 1997 as minority candidate but after that they were deprived from their right by former president Parvez Musharaf. They demanded for restoration of constitution of 1973 by giving them right of contesting election as minority candidate.

They said that Government of Pakistan is signatory of UN Resolution of indigenous people and bound to protect rights of minorities but unfortunately we were deprived from our genuine right. They demanded restoration of articles of minorities in 1973 constitution. They also announced to boycott the upcoming general election 2013 and said that no Kalash will cast their vote until fulfillment of their genuine demand of giving them right of contesting election on minorities seat.

They warned that if they were not given the right of contesting election as minority candidate they will also return their national identity cards to NADRA.

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