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PM approves long awaited scholarship sheme for students of Gilgit-Baltistan, Balochistan and Fata

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Islamabad, April 16: The long awaited scholarship scheme for Masters, M.Phil and PhD level students of Gilgit-Bltistan, Balochistan and FATA has been approved at a meeting by the interim Prime Minister today. The scheme will benefit around 11,000 students in these three regions. 

The “Prime Minister’s Tuition Fee Payment Scheme”, as it has been named, for Masters, M.Phill and PhD was approved and launched at a meeting attended by Dr. Sania Nishtar, Federal Minister for Professional and Technical Education, Science and Technology and IT, officials of PM’s Secretariat and Ministry of professional and technical education.

Under the pre-paid scheme, the entire tution expenditures of the scholars during Masters, M.phill and PhD degree will be borne by the Federal Government. The scheme further envisages that federal government will bear all educational expenditure of an estimated 10,825 students from these areas of which 9,128 students belong to Balochistan.

It was also approved that in case of PhD, the students of Balochistan, Gilgit Baltistan and FATA would be eligible to benefit from the scheme even if they get admission in Universities and Colleges outside their cities / regions. He has also approved that students hailing from FATA would benefit from the scheme if they are admitted in Universities and Colleges in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

The Prime Minister said that his government is prepared to commit more resources to education and prioritize it as it considers it critical to human resource development and future of the nation.

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  1. is there any benefit for the students of G-B studying away from home .. last time we received a letter in Punjab university from education ministry in which it was clearly stated that there would be no benefit for students of G-B studying in any other province..

  2. great decision by the Govt. of Pakistan, a vibrant program with initiative approved by the PM and his interim cabinet to promote education in far flung areas of our country.

  3. Great opportunity for student of GB. Is this scholarship also applicable for students who are availing masters degree from distance learning private institutes?

  4. ristriction and cofinment of students in regional university is a big hurdle for talented students who get admission in reputed versitise

  5. thanks to PM sahb and especially Chief Secretary Gilgit Baltistan : his gigantic effort brought this dream into reality 🙂

  6. if this scheme restricts students studying other then their region, it will be useless because most of the students moved to other provinces and federal capital due to worse law and order of Gilgit with suspension of academic session at KIU.

  7. We have seen such drama before,Financial Assestence for Students of Atta abad Desaster.To whom that Fund were distributed?Needy students were ignored.Ahead Administrative should take measure steps with justice for the right every student.

  8. wt is its last date and applying procedure???moreover fata has more population than balochistan,then y too much margin of seats between these two?????????????????/

  9. For FATA students you have provided few seats.thosand of students can not avail the chance it. we are not happy with this allocation of seats.please to adjust properly otherwise they will push back in mouth of terrirrsem .thanks

  10. whether all of the fata students in will get this scholarship or their will merit if the number of the students exceed

  11. assalamalakum
    dear sir i was almost completed my MBA 90 credit hours mba which is equivalent to MS… can i get phd scholarships from PM project… i belongs from balochistan

  12. dear sir i am student of BBA(H). and it is about to complete. i need the detail of it. how can we get it?

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