Pro-Musharraf rally attended by thousands of people in Chitral

Gul Hammad Farooqi

Chitral, April 30: Supporters of Pervez Musharraf held a rally in Chitral today. Starting from tChew bridge, the rally ended at the Polo ground Chitral, passing through various bazars and streets. The rally was led by Shahzada Khalid Parvez, president of All Pakistan Muslim League and candidate from PK 89 and his elder brother Shahzada Iftikharuddin candidate for NA 32 on APML tickets. The APML workers carrying banners and placards chanted “Parvez Musharaf Zindabad” and called him a benefactor of Chitral.

Speaker appreciated Musharraf for completing the construction of Lawari Tunnel, which is  the lifeline for Chitral. They harshly criticized the local politicians who had challenged Musharraf’s nomination papers in an Election Tribunal in Peshawar. “They (the local politicians) are traitors of Chitral”, a charged speaker said.

The participants danced to the tone of a highly popular Khowar language (Chitrali) song which surfaced after the former dictator’s arrival in Pakistan.

The rally was attended by thousands of people and after a number of speeches it dispersed peacefully.

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  1. The party should continue the good work started by (retd) General Musharraf, though he has been bannedunjustly from holding any public office.

  2. gilgit baltistan and chitrali people know the graet leader, great prople great leader

  3. Muhammad Iftikhar Chaudhary, Chief Justice of Taliban will declare them terrorists (ante taliban) and will order to arrest them and keep them in Sub Jail where General Musharraf is being tortured.

  4. My Salaam to the Chitrali people and thanks for showing your love for the great leader Musharraf. You are an example for the rest of the country. Please encourage all supporters to vote for APML on May 11 and show the biased judiciary they cannot win through their unlawful actions. Peace.

  5. Why APML not organising any rallies in Karachi?? We all are waiting for the call. I am also surprized why APML second line leadership is silent and not conducting any press conferences and compagn for elections??? Are they sleeping…? I know media is baised and not covering APML activities, so why not peoples in big numbers go in their offices and burn/distroy. This is the only langguage, they will understand and will cover this news. It should be made sure that they know why peaoples were angry and why did they do all this.


  7. MUSHARAF gives the media tongue but they dont use it in the support of MUSHARAF,,,this shows that how selfish the people of this country,,,em so sad…

  8. their is great difference between Musharraf and other corrupt leaders like zarari Nawaz and Fazul ur Rehman. he has done well job for GB

  9. I really impressed his personality and polices .he is grade leader and gave a chance to election 2013!!!!!!!!

  10. in real life,some time ur body shadow is on ur rt & some time on left.
    now a days his shsdow is on left,,,,,,,,koe bat time WAQT ka intazarkro ya pher Right pa aya ga,IN SHAA ALLAH.

  11. I am very much impressed from the remarks of Major retired Zafar uddin, Shahrukh Haider and Skindar, others have also written Good.

    Pervaiz Musharraf Zinadabad

  12. The GBIANS would never forget these leaders regardless of their party affiliations.
    Pervaz Musharaf for his record development programmes and projects.

    Nawaz sharif and shahbaz sharif for their great devotion with Gb regarding Atta abad disaster, Geyari sector tragedy, allocating professional seats in punjab,fee remission, lap tops for Gb students as well.
    Shaheed benazir and Z.A. bhutto for sensitizing GB regarding democracy.

    once again all GBIANS are watching towards leadership by whose duration or reign the GB would get constitutional right.

    All GBIANS praise and appreciates the corruption free leaders and Officers whether those are local or none local.

  13. Love Chitral people, who did not forget lovely leader Pervaz mushraf.
    I like Sir mushraf, >Long Live Pervaz Mushraf

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