The secret of the world environment day

Sultan Alam

Environment day, like so many other similar days dedicated to specific issues, is celebrated globally as well as locally to give publicity to and focus attention of people on those specific issues.

World environment day is celebrated on June 5.All governments in the states, academic institutions, universities, colleges, schools and voluntary organizations organize suitable activities on this day.

The goals of organizing this day are to develop a world population that is aware of and concerned about, total environment and its associated problems, and commitment to work individually and collectively towards solution of current problems.

The chief goals of environmental education in world must be

1. To improve the quality of environment,

2. To create an awareness among the people on environmental problems and conservation, and

3. To create an atmosphere so that people participate in decision making and develop the capabilities to evaluate the developmental programmes.

Protection of environment has become a very important and urgent level affecting the whole world and which requires positive actions at global level as well as at local and individual levels. In this context celebration of environment days can promote the cause of world environment protection by educating individuals on the measures they can take at individual level.

Some of the action for conservation and protection of environment include avoidance of unnecessary use of energy in form of heating and driving, substituting non-biodegradable products and packaging for the bio-degradable varieties, and proper disposal of waste products.

AlamThe main aim of the International Environmental Day is to remember us of our “Existence”. It means the dependency of mankind on our earth planet and our relationships, responsibilities towards protecting, saving our Oxygen, without which we can’t live. This day has assumed a greater place in our lives by tuning attentions from Comfortable living (Pizzas, Fuel, Cars, and Air conditioners) to the very foundation on which our entire mankind has been dwelling. We may have different opinions on various issues but our Planet, Environment doesn’t. If we imagine that there is no Planet, Environment, then where is the discussion to fight for comfortable living. Whatever we are, however we are, whatever may be our strength or the development, does not equated with our lovely Planet and its Environment. We are just a single drop of this entire ocean called universe. All our relations are desperately related with and subjected to the very effects of this World, Universe. Almost we have damaged our environment for our selfish need (development) by thinking that we are the owners of this Planet. But we are just the guests on this planet and we have so many responsibilities to save, protect the place in which we are being given an opportunity only to live. If we are forgetting of being guests and starting doing damage (already made colossal damage) as the owners, then this Planet will throw us out through its disastrous effects caused by us which are beyond our control .Only way out may be to Extinct for no gain. At least every year The Environmental Day reminding us not only to create awareness, carving out developmental strategies, just holding brain storming sessions, but also ordering us for immediate actions to protect environment  and the  planet.    

 World Environment Day is an excellent concept that is much needed due to today’s negative environmental impact on our planet. Every individual gains benefits by participating in their ideas. Our planet is changing at a fast pace and without intervention our society will use up all the resources that we use to function. Our planet is not replaceable and in order to leave behind a planet that is habitable for future generations, societies the world over must work together to improve the quality of our planet. Participating in World Environment Day is a good first step to achieve the necessary goals of environmental protection.

The United Nations General Assembly set -up World Environment Day in 1972. It is held annually to make the world alert about the environment and create political actions to address the needs of protection for our planet. There are four primary reasons for World Environment Day: Giving a human presence to environmental problems, empowering citizens to engage in projects to heal the earth and prevent further damage, help communities understand that it is their responsibility to make changes and that they can do it together, and to implore people to become partners in the cause of protecting the environment.

Conservation methods include addressing the climate changes on our planet, destruction of habitats, soil erosion caused by over development of land, the ozone layer, and the general protection of eco-systems.

So, on the basis of aforementioned facts, it becomes our moral responsibility to think beyond our limited boundaries that how can we jointly make this environment free from man-made hazards so that not only we can enjoy by this natural beauty but also the future generations may achieve their rights as well.

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  1. It is obsrved that in Pakistan there are so many individuals to write essy like world envirement day but few individuals are not ready to peformance pernally to avoid smokking of cigrette in public places, putting packet of cigrette where it becomes empty, use of motor vehicles smoth and noise, putting of peak where he wants and so many. I appeal to all writers, thinkers, debators, lecturers to act themself firstly.

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