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Nawaz Sharif to discuss Gawadar-Kashgar (G2K) Road in Beijing

The proposed road between Gawadar and Kashgar has implications for international business
The proposed road between Gawadar and Kashgar has implications for international business


Islamabad, July 3: Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the newly elected premier of Pakistan, is currently in Beijing on an official visit, where he will be meeting the top Chinese government officials.

The premier, among other issues and opportunities of bilateral interest, hopes to “finalize” the plans to establish road and rail links between the Pakistani port city of Gawadar and Kashghar, the commercial and cultural hub of Xinjiang autonomous region.

A significant portion of the so-called Gwadar-Kashgar (G2K) road/rail link will pass through Gilgit-Baltistan region. In some valleys of the region land is scarce and insufficient for the livelihood and residential needs of the local population.

The talks about construction of the road and rail link are raising questions about the impact of these proposed mega project on the small communities living in different parts of the Gilgit-Baltistan region. The local communities feel that their culture and demography may be changed due to the mega projects. There are also concerns about the environmental impact of the road on the delicate flora and fauna of the region, especially in Khunzhrav National Park and other protected areas through which the KKH passes.

Many are also afraid that their land may be snatched by the government without payment of compensation. They quote examples from the past where they have lost significant land due to the KKH expansion project, without being compensated in monetary terms.

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  1. 1the KKH project started during Musharaf time was not able to complete during the PPP regime. 2Land Compensation has not been paid as yet. 3. Diamer Bhasha dam project seems to be shelved which was started back in 2002. 4. The KKH rehabilitation in Kohistan area not started so far which would need another decade. So is this government going to complete the railway line by means of Aladin’s lamp through the clouds of Himalya, Karakurum and hindukush mountains? Another huge issue of land compensation demand is in the offing with sectarian back up….an extremely unpredictable situation
    Should we be optimistic???

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