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Towards “Naya Gilgit-Baltistan”

By Imtiaz Ali Taj

After Khyber Pakhtunkha(KP),   all is set for creation of a Naya Gilgit-Baltistan(GB)!

The incumbent assembly of Gilgit-Baltistan will complete its term by end of year 2014. The general elections for new assembly will be held in the start of year 2015.  From past trend, we find that whosoever rules in center manages covertly and overtly his or her government in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan. However, it might not happen this time because of the change factor introduced by PTI in overall country as well as in Gilgit-baltistan.

In past, PPP has been the only popular party across all regions of GB; however, with dismal performance in its last term and severe sectarian incidents, it has lost ground to a great extent.  Like other parts of country, PMLN enjoys little popular support in GB and relies more on heavy weights to get share in power politics.  Except the card of power control in federation, it has nothing worth selling to people of Gilgit-baltistan. Its vague and apologetic stance on constitutional orphanage and sectarian violence has further reduced its popularity in the region. There are other parties like JUI(F) and Nationalists  which have electoral support in some pockets of GB but it is insignificant except Balawaristan National Front(Naji). The later is quite popular in district Ghizer and some parts of district Gilgit.

The party which seems to be emerging as popular one and largest is the Pakistan Tehreek E Insaf(PTI). This prediction is based on following premises; first, the personal charisma and popularity of cricketer turned politician Mr Imran Khan, who enjoys wide popularity among youth of GB. Furthermore, due to his invaluable social work in form of a cancer hospital and Imran Khan Foundation, he cherishes deep trust and respect in every corner of country including GB.  Second, the  change factor; likewise rest of the country, the anti status quo sentiments are at high in GB because of failures of PPP’s tenure, furthered by anti poor  budget and economic policies introduced by new PMLN’s  government in center.

Third, the concrete and crystal clear stance of party on constitutional orphanage of GB, has harbored immense support among educated youth and otherwise nationalists factions.  During his last visitto the region, Imran Khan made a policy statement that GB would be given full-fledged constitutional status if PTI came into power.

Fourth, PTI enjoys support of majority of students, professionals and entrepreneurs of GB down the country as well as   overseas. This is evident from results of general elections of Pakistan, that candidates of PTI got victories and significant number of votes in the areas where there are large number migrants of GB-Rawapinldin, Islamabad and Karachi etc.

Furthermore, the strong and bold stance of Mr Imran Khan against sectarian outfits and his  visits to victims of sectarian violence in past, has boosted its positive image of PTI in GB.  In 2012, Mr Khan visited Astore and Baltistan division to condole affectees of deadly Loolosar and Kohistan incidents.

Additionally, if we look are at organization of party, PTI seems to be in better positions than all others. In scenario where all other parties rely on personalities and heavy weights, PTI has managed to put up a strong steering committee of representatives from all regions. Moreover, it has a democratically elected and well structured student body of Insaf Students Federation (ISF) GB. ISF GB has its representatives, organizers and workers in all districts of Gilgit-Baltistan. ISF GB will play a critical and vibrant role in get votes for PTI in upcoming elections

In conclusion, after KPK, we might get a Naya GB, provided PTI plays its cards well and fields well reputed, honest and competent candidates.

The contributor is a development professional and Central Social Media representative of PTI-GB. He Tweets at  www.twitter.com/itajjee

10 thoughts on “Towards “Naya Gilgit-Baltistan”

  1. Islamabad; May 18, In a PILDAT Legislative Forum on “Proposed Constitutional Amendments in the Constitution of Pakistan 1973, for Empowerment of Azad Jammu & Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan” The Forum has Suggested the Ways, Amendment and Road Map in this Reports Finding. Which is Already Uploaded in File Section of GBVM ( https://www.facebook.com/groups/raisebaigal/510243732374691/). P.M.L(N) has Absolute 2/3 Majority in Assembly & In Senate Pakistan People’s Party has Numbers’s. Pakistan Tehrik Insaf will Support Moves and M.Q.M has already Shown its Support for Supporting Oppressed Voice of Pakistan.

    Its better to Pass a Resolution as Mentioned in Said Report and secure Future of Pakistan, rather than making us Fools by Giving Statements, Like the one We are Hearing, Reading and Following since Last 62 Years.

    The Dream of Making Pakistan “Asian Tiger” and “Energy Corridor Between China and Pakistan” is not Possible without Addressing Basic Fundamental Question of Rights and Constitutional Arrangements.

    Listen to Voice of People and Civil Society of Gilgit.Baltistan !!

    Let me Assure this Federal Parties can not make People of Gilgit.Baltistan Fool Like making Sweeping Statements, and With “Josh-e-Khitabat”.

    If you want to make a Constitutional Province Passed the Resolution, and will Observe those Parties not Favoring that Resolution, and then will see how after that they will come on Ground to ask for Votes in General Election of Gilgit. Baltistan-2014-2019.

    Let these Election Be Elections of Constitutional Rights !!

  2. Imran Khan can Help by raising Question in Assembly Imtiaz Taj, I have given the all the Documents, Proves, Reports, and Materials to Asad Umer Shb. As he is busy with his Campaign but Question of IK at Floor of the House will Prove it How much Other Political Parties PPP, PMLN, MQM and all are Sincere with this Question of Constitutional Arrangements

  3. very good effort. we vl look forward for a better and prosperous Naya GB. And i pray that GBians should come out of the traditional few royal or religious families dominance, just like we are facing in chitral.

  4. PTI has a big challenge to bring peace to KP. If he succeeds there, he will be welcomed allover PAkistan, not just GB

  5. Nice effort Imtiaz, keep it up 🙂
    Though the article is well structured, however, i have the following observations regarding the analysis,
    The sectarian divide in the region has been the dominating factor in almost every election in the past. While the hard core sunni sect is pro PMLN, the majority of the population composed of Shia sect is pro Bhutto. As for as the seats in the sunni majority areas is concerned, i can confidently argue that, there will be no other dominating party then PMLN. You have argued well that poor performance of the PPP during the last tenure will be the major reason for its depleting vote, however, you never know how will the politicians shape the scenario which will emerge at the election time which will be the major factor in shaping the choices of voters. I wonder if Imran Khan, with his vague status (which people of the region think about him) on the War on Terror, will be able to convince and attract the liberal voters towards his party.
    More importantly, the charisma which you argued about has, unfortunately, never been the criteria in winning elections especially in this region.

  6. I consider this more of a eulogy than analysis.

    Just because PPP didn’t perform well does not mean that the voters will choose PTI. The Shia population will not vote for PTI because of the “charismatic” leaders’ fame as a pro-Taliban leader. If not PPP, they will vote for Mujlis-e-Wehdatul Muslimeen (MWM), which has been using the mosques and other religious occasions to build and boost the party profile in the region.

    If Imran Khan’s “bold stand” against sectarian outfits can be seen as a profile booster, then why are not you counting the naked anti-LeJ/SSP stand of PPP’s Senator Faisal Raza Abidi. Hasn’t he been the most vocal pro-Shia voice in Pakistan?

    Also, all the parties (PPP, MQM, PMLN etc.) keep on repeating the same mantra that they will make GB the constitutional province, so that slogan has lost its charm and now people laugh at it, at best.

    Lastly, PTI’s organizational structure in the region is in embryonic phase. It has a long way to go.

  7. Imtiaz sab ! The GBIANS appreciates and respect to all those parties and individuals who are/ were practically keen in development of GB and Keen in service delivery.
    Actually honest speaking these are parties that create hate ness and gaps amongst people and even in families as well.
    As GBIAN I appreciate and respect the truthfulness and honesty of these leaders ( Political / Social )belonging from three different parties in GB for example.

    1. Wazir baig PPP
    2. Hafizur Rehman PMLN
    3. Nawaz Khan Naji BNF

    I have never heard about them to encouraging corruption or disintegration. Always they would talk about merit and good governance and welfare of GB. It is another thing that these ate not heard more or regarded by their counterparts or colleagues.

    Like wise many individuals have also recorded their names in GB history through their utmost service delivery.

    • Shaheed zulfiqar ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto are always remembered as they demolished FCR. But their successors spoiled their image through bad governance.
    • Pervaz Musharaf spread the net work of development in Gb and established KIU.
    • Mian Nawaz sharif and shehbaz sharif always presented themselves in the place of trouble and always stood by GBIANS whether it is Giyari sector or Atta Abad Lake disaster. Apart from this they helped fully the students of GB in providing educational equipments like lap tops etc. They doubled the professional seats in Punjab and thus more than 80 professional human resources has been started to enhance annually for last four years. These are the practical examples of service delivery. It is also hoped they would also grant constitutional right to GB as well.

    As far as Imran Khan and PTI is concern we respect and regard him on his envisioning and aiming at making KPK corruption free province and emphasizing streamline the systems in country and within party.

    The GBIANS hate and condemn corrupt parties and leaders who deteriorate the principles of Islamic values and good governance and appreciate and honour the corruption free leaders and parties whichever that may be.

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