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Ghizar Youth Congress Organizing Committee for Ishkomen Tehsil formed

The Organizing Committee has been tasked to mobilize the youth in Ishkomen Tehsil.

Chatorkhand, November 17: Organizing Committee of Ghizar Youth Congress (GYC) for Ishkomen Tehsil was formed in a special meeting with the youth activists and representatives of different youth organizations of Ishkoman Tehsil on November 17, 2013 at Rest House Chatorkhand, Ishkomen.

The meeting was presided over by the president of Ghizar Youth Congress (GYC) whereas the Speaker Inayat Abdali and Vice President Shams u din Dosa accompanied him.

Mazhar Ali was appointed as the Chief Organizer for Ishkomen Tehsil whereas Manzoor, Syed Fawad Alam, Syed Fayaz Ali, Sardar Aman, Azmat Murad, Shujjat Khan, Taigoon, Taib Jan and Jahagir were appointed as organizers of Birgal, Kocshdeh, Chatorkhand, Aminabad, Proper Ishkomen, FG Inter College Chatorkhand, Eimat and Daa’in villages and UCs of Ishkomen.

The meeting that lasted for 4 hours was attended by representatives of different youth organizations and student organizations from different villages of Ishkomen. People belonging to journalistic fraternity, NGOs, Village committee and other sections of the society were among the participants.

The participants of the meeting welcomed GYC president to Ishkomen and pledged their full support to GYC efforts to form a responsible, proactive and well informed civil society.

They appreciated the role GYC has played so far against rampant corruption (both in public and NGOs), murder of merit, lawlessness in the district, administrative weaknesses and addressing such issues linked to the future of youth and society at large.

The Organizing Committee was given a mandate of mobilizing youth at UC level to pave way for the formation of GYC Cabinet at Ishkomen level.

Addressing the meeting Noor Akbar said that the meeting would be followed by meetings at Gupis and Punial in a bit to form organizing committees there too that will in turn play their role in mobilizing youth for cabinet formation in the said Tehsils.

We are in a formative phase of the organization. Once the organization fully completes in its structure and by laws it would chalk out action plan on annual basis to implement upon its laid aims and objectives.

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