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Attabad: Govt to conduct feasibility study for constructing 20MW power plant

The Hunza River was dammed due to a mega landslide near Attabad on January 4, 2010.
The Hunza River was dammed due to a mega landslide near Attabad on January 4, 2010. Photo: NASA

PT Report

Hunza, December 9: A feasibility report for construction of a 20 Mega Watt power plant near the spillway of the dammed Hunza River is being presented within a couple of days. The feasibility reports is being prepared on the instructions of Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, who recently made an aerial visit to the disaster hit region.

The Power and Works Department has been tasked to complete the initial feasibility study.

It is pertinent to note that several NGOs and social figures in the past have demanded utilization of the stored water in the dammed Hunza River.

However, there have also been uncertainties about the sustainability of any major construction near the landslide debris.

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  1. Can be feasible with a tunnel and if powerhouse proposed away from landslides in the downstream. But a dam break analyses is must before carrying out a feasibility study or as part of the study. I hope WAPDA considers all this.

  2. In fact, we can use the dammed water for multiple purposes but we need to make sure to what extent the blocked water will last. As future is unpredictable so what if water suddenly opens up at the blocked area. There could be huge destruction along with huge lose of energy. Perhaps we cannot just construct power plants in areas without proper instrumentation and investigation. I think till now no has found any solid reason why land slide happened. Also, no one can predict what will happen next. As we live on mountains, so the slight tectonic movement in Pasicific Ocean, where mostly earth quakes happen; may lead to low range earthquakes in the future, so we need to think first before we step into making power plant out of Hunza Lake.

  3. Friends. now as all of us know that the efforts and claimes on digging, deepning or blasting the debries is over and there seems 0 chance of any cracking or opening by the water pressure itself. so lets go for utilizing that water fall location for productive use for the benifit of the suffering areas through production of energy and provide some long term royality to the suffering areas to release their suffering and provide energy to the mass for using it for their livelihoods and economic development. it seems feasible at any means even if the lake filled with silt after some years but the level of fwater fall will remain there the same I see. anyhow depend on engineer’s eys to decide further.
    Noor Khan

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