Audio – Eulogy for late Dr. Boghshoh Lashkarbekov


Poetry Composition by: Fazal Amin Beg Mũsfoir (February 2, 2014 in Gilgit)

Nogũmon wudgem kẽs̃hen, ce lup yi badh xabar
Po jonon-ẽ x̃etki safar, rex̃ki X̃ik zik-esarwar

Unbelievably, I heard a very shocking news today,
On his (eternal) journey is our most beloved, the Head/Chief of the Wakhi language, (who) has left (us here).

 X̌atet gar X̌etk towe kuch, dem tirichiγ̌h sakbi-yor
Ti baf guftor et kirdor, wũrex̌ki mils-e qamar

Your enlightening words and deeds has, however, left for us like the moonlight (in darkness).

Zik et farhang-e dem kasp, ti yarki mũrdũmer dogh
Boghshoh! Tu Shoh-e yem bogh, werešhtep nung ti‘n da sar

In linguistic and cultural studies, your professional contributions have inspired the community;
O Boghsoh! You are the King of this garden (of professionalism and community mobilization),
and your name would always rest on the top (historically).

X̌ũ mũrdũm et basharer, x̌ũ donish dhetet pʉndor
Salom ta’r ilm-e stior, werešht pidhing ti gowhar

To your community and for humans (rights), your gifted (the pearl of your knowledge;
Salute to you, o’ star of knowledge;  your essence/spirit (of contributions) will continue glowing. 

Alh-e ilm cartešh tirin, sək ti tahqiq-e meydon
Kertet ghafch chiz dem ayon, mindoriγ̌h carenešh yasht tar

Proud of you are the intellectuals and knowledge-seekers for your meadow (field) of research;
Many facets in the field you exposed/discovered, and they acknowledge your (great) contributions.

Yinyot-e rang towe wing, ceyev wezd dem po watan
Tu ya ilm ti zib et  tan, ti johar lal-e ya γ̌ar

Seeing (and meeting) you was just like a dream, when you came to our homeland;
Your personality was dressed with knowledge, your essence was like ruby.

Dũnyoweš ki xalg-e yit, chireš ko xalg  yan skem thit
Shũm ãždar harjayešh čhit, neyeš cart hechkuyer shar

If the world swallows people, why do they yearn for it?
The dragon of death treads everywhere, not sparing anyone

Nasib ta’r bogh-e bihisht, sarbũland cherm tu ta bar
Cartešh du’o Mũsofir,tu got harwaxt ya samar

May you enter the gate of heaven, may you live in the promised garden;
May you always reap the fruits of your work, Musofir (the voyager of this world) prays for you (earnestly).

Cẽ Fazal Amin Beg Mũsofir en (February 2, 2014, Gilgit)

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Note:  This is the same script/orthography, which late Dr. Boghsoh Lashkarbekov proposed and highly recommended for the Wakhi and entire Pamiri languages of Central and South Asia. Academic debates were carried out to implement this English language based orthography (Fazal Amin Beg).

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