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Pamir Social Research Initiative launched

Press Release

Pamir Times  has started a project called Pamir Social Research Initiative (PSRI), in order to conduct research activities on different social themes related to life in Gilgit – Baltistan.

psriPSRI is piloting the research project with the theme called “conflict in mountain socities”. Under this broad theme it is attempting to understand dynamics of land disputes in Hunza Valley, by conducting a survey on “Future of land disputes in Hunza Valley”.

 A questionnaire is being circulated in Karachi, on test basis, to gather data about number and nature of inter-village land disputes in the valley. A number of interviews and focus group discussions have also been planned in this connection.

The survey aims to understand perceptions and priorities of various stakeholders in these disputes, including different age groups, both genders and all socio-economic groups.

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  1. A very keen issue of our area is the land disputes b/w villages and areas and through this research what the people want in the future about this disputes… Recently i had a task to to visit peoples from hunza and want to know their opinion about the issues through this research. many of the poeple appreciate it and share their disputes as well as their opinion about it.

  2. Hey, by the way who is conducting this research…being a student of this particular field- coexistence and conflict resolution…it is something i am very interested in… if possible can i go through the questionnaire or see the basic research design….? Having my degree in and working in this field i can contribute towards this initiative….

  3. well it is good
    PT can use this research system to get feed back on the new topics like.
    what is the present condition of our language , what we are doing to save the dying thing , mentioned in the Red book of UN for dying languages.
    Our social system, and the new DYM

    If it is to be used for real and effective matters

  4. During my last visit to NA I meet many people especially elderly people who are concerned about effect of rapid change on our value system, especially about a collapsing value of MODESTY.

    Traditional society demands submission to the collective. Once the external constraints are removed, its members can shift from the most extreme forms of modesty to the other extreme of sexual license. Moving from traditional to modern are we traveling the same route?

    sensitive but can some one study this?

    For comment !


  5. I think it is a good initiative of looking in to the social problems through researches and surveys. The key factor of every successful nation is their researches in every field. I think we can have sketch of our people views and ideas about our problems….the study should be more holistic in order to get true and useful information…and if possible their should be use of other social research methodologies….

  6. There are many social issues as mentioned by many of you in our society, which need to be research. and we have many committed potential researcher for doing researches but i think we need to have a platform through which we can mobilize some resources for research activity.

    Common platform and availability of resources will attract many researchers and students interested in research work to join that.

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