Yasin Writers Forum organized an awareness cum cultural event in Karachi

Yasin Writers Forum Karachi (20)

Karachi, February 12: (PR) The Yasin Writers Forum, a literary body, organized a one-day event in Karachi to raise awareness about the menace of drugs that is spreading in the region like a disease.

The event revolved around the theme, “Mujrimana khamoshi…aakhir kub tak”, (Criminal silence, till when). A large number of people attended the program.

Yasin Writers Forum Karachi (2)The event was divided in to three sections,  including a lecture by Dr. Takbeer Ali on the social role of the youth. He said that drug abuse is a social evil and it can be erradicatted by actively engaging the youth in positive activities.

Yasin Writers Forum Karachi (16)This was followed by a poetic session in which Brushaski and Urdu poems were read by young poets. The last event was a celebration of the rich cultural and traditional music where participants enjoyed dance and young Talent from Yasin, Hunza and Chitral sung songs in Khuwar and Brushaski.

Ali Ahmad Jan president of YWF (khi) said that drug addicts cannot function as normal members of the society. The problem of drugs may seem impossible to eliminate; there are concrete steps that can be taken to weaken the hold of drugs on society. The danger from drugs is too great to ignore for us and our society. Well known Brushaski poet Basharat Shafi appreciated the efforts YWF.

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