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Sochi: Karim finishes at 77th position, one step above Indian athlete!

Score card
Score card

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Sochi held Men’s Giant Slalom event of Alpine Skiing today which had many uncapped players from all over the World. The event turned out to be rather predictable as the first of the entrants got the honors of topping the table.

USA’s Ted Ligety finished at the top as he became the only athlete to have his first run timing in 1 minute and 21 seconds. The second and third positions in the first run were taken by the athletes from Czech Republic and Italy respectively.

At the bottom of the table it was India’s 20 year-old Himanshu Thakur who finished at the last position, while his neighbour from Pakistan just finished above him.

Pakistan’s lone warrior at Sochi 2014 finished just three positions above the last position. The 18 year-old is sitting at 77th position after managing a time difference of +22.36 seconds, he also qualified for the second run of Men’s Giant Slalom event, which will be starting shortly.

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  1. kashmir abh rafdey me pargiya hay,….bhool jawoo jo hamarey pass hay wo na jaye….hukumraanun ka ye hall hay, ek naya QUID EAZAM,AYOOB KHAN,….YA P,MUSHARRAF HO to baat baney gy……..


  2. As a matter of interest, why is it relevant how he did compared to the Indian athlete? And judging by your screenshot, he actually came two places above him anyway. Well done to Karim for competing in this important event at such a young age. A great achievement. As a reader who enjoys your website, I respectfully suggest that should be the focus of the article and not how the Indian came last. Just saying.

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