Gilgit-Baltistan: 316 out of 734 illegally hired teachers qualify interviews

Data courtesy: Abdul Rehman Bukhari
Data courtesy: Abdul Rehman Bukhari

With reporting by Abdul Rehman Bukahri

Gilgit, March 10: As many as 400 teachers who had illegally been hired in the Education Ministry of Gilgit-Baltitan have been disqualified, after a process of scrutiny that involved checking of documents and an interview.

According to details, 734 teachers had been identified as part of a survey as the people who had been hired illegally by the Education Ministry of Gilgit-Baltistan. A large number of these illegally hired people either lacked the skills, or the qualifications or were too old or too young to be teachers. The scandal exploded like a bomb shell in Gilgit-Baltistan and after a lot of hue and cry in the public, the 734 people were asked to present their credentials to a select committee for scrutiny.

Some religious and political groups, as well as some of the teachers, tried to resist the decision by holding protest demonstrations and rallies but their efforts failed and the illegally hired teachers were forced to go through the scrutiny process.

Out of the total, 686 presented their documents. 48 did not appear for interview. 267 people lacked the minimum educational qualification required for being teachers. 103 freshly hired teachers failed in the interview process. 316 out of the total were able to prove their credentials and also qualify the interview.

There are reports that the notifications for reinstatement of the 316 teachers have already been prepared, while a fresh hiring process will be launched to fill the posts that lay vacant after dismissal of the illegally hired teachers.

It is pertinent to note that a Director and Deputy Director of the Education Department have already been dismissed from service in this hiring scandal.

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  1. This is challenging and alarming situation for all GBLAS members that such types of examples were set in GB in their governance. I suspect in all departments such types of irregularities would be found. We would suggest that in all departments such type of investigation need to be done to avoid and discourage corrupt elements. In my opinion the more culprits are those who have initiated such irregularities compare to less qualified teachers. I would say in such irregularities not only two or three persons are involved at least more than 20 or 30 may be involved. All need to be admonished.

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