Artisans display earthen and wooden wares in Chitral

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral, April 20: An exhibition was held in Chitral as part of the efforts to preserve the cultural indigenous crafts of Chitral. Senior artisans and skilled people displayed handmade earthen and wooden ware and some ancient ornaments which are disappearing gradually.

The exhibition was organized by Research Planning & Development Organization Chitral (RPDOC). Which was financially supported by Division of Economics and Social Development (DESA) and United Nation Fund for indigenous people.

SONY DSCChairman RPDOC Professor Rahmat Karim Baig said that the region’s indigenous and old culture is dying and most of the wooden and earthen hand mad ornaments and home appliances are disappearing. He said that for preservation of culture and conservation of indigenous skill they trained 20 skilled people in making earthen ware, 20 people in wooden ware and ornaments and 20 female in indigenous carpet making.

These newly trained people also brought their handmade items which were put on display at the exhibition. He also said that the trained artisans will be connected to the market.

Professor Mumtaz Hussain SONY DSCsaid that most of the region’s precious cultural heritage and handmade are disappearing. He said that the new generation is not aware about these old and indignious cultural heritages. It has two negative aspects culturally and historically impacts on our culture.

Professor Ghaniur Rehman said that disappearing of the ancient crafts has negatively affected the eco-system and it is also adversely affecting the socio-economic system of the region.

Most of artists and skilled persons were jobless RPDOC tried to boost this tradition and motivate young people to get training in making handmade earthen and wooden things which are using in our daily life.

Abdul Nasir President Human rights Chitral chapter said that Chitral is home to indigenous communities and the people will take interest in preserving their traditions.

A local woman from Drosh said that the training will help her improve her family’s economic conditions.

Rahmat Jafar Dost and other speakers also appreciated this exhibition and termed it environmental friend efforts. A large number of local artists, skill persons and women folk participated in the preserving cultural craft exhibition.

These old hand made ornaments badly affect of fluctuation in market and introducing cheap plastic and metal things.

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