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Hunza: Teachers protest demanding promotions

PT Report | Photos: Mueez Shah

Aliabad (Hunza), May 2: The teachers’ protest is fast spreading across Gilgit-Baltistan. Overshadowed by the Awami Action Committee’s Dharna, the protest of the government teachers has resurfaced with hundreds of teachers and thousands of students coming on the roads to demand more salaries and promotions for the teachers.

The Teachers’ Association of Gilgit-Baltistan had called for a region-wide strike earlier this month, after the GB government failed to honor its promises and give promotions to the teachers who have been serving at different pay scales.

Today, a large number of teachers and students protested in Aliabad, the undeclared administrative headquarters of the Hunza-Nagar district, demanding fulfilment of their demands .Similar protest demonstrations have also been held recently in other parts of the region, including Nomal, as well as parts of Ghangche and other districts.

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  1. What is the usage of our own self governance where our future generation and builders are on the road. It is really challenging and alarming for political leadership. The management is implementers not policy makers or decision makers. this is the job of GBLA members to make ensure in getting their rights or motivate teachers. Instead of teachers and innocent students the GBLA members should on the road as if this is ultimate solution for mounting pressure, otherwise this case should be rationalized and give them their rights but not on the cost of GB people that was done in wheat subsidy as well.This should be assumed that these teachers and students are not on the road, whilst 1.3 million GBIANS are on the road. I would humbly request to teachers association to negotiate with CM and his team for solution of said issue.

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