Three girders of under construction bridge in Khizarabad Hunza collapse


With reporting by Hussain Nagri

Gilgit, May 13: At least three girders, support beams used during construction, of an under-construction bridge in the Hunza-Nagar district collapsed this morning.

The bridge had been under-construction for the past one decade. It was being constructed between Sikandarabad and Khizarabad, in the Hunza-Nagar district.

Front view of the collapsed structure. Photo: Eman Shah
Front view of the collapsed structure. Photo: Eman Shah

The residents of Khizarabad live on the opposite side of the Hunza River and the bridge is vital for connecting their village with the Karakuram Highway and Sikandarbad village of Nagar Valley. The project has been pending for the last 10 years and the locals have been protesting and meeting the authorities, to no avail.

The collapsing of the girders is being considered as a result of either the use of sub-standard material or flawed engineering, or a combination of both.

The project had been started in 2006 at the estimated cost of around 71 million rupees. Due to unexplained delays in the construction, the cost of the bridge had risen to around 86 million rupees in 2011 and the project was still incomplete. The contract for the project had been given to a firm called “Five Stars Construction Company”, which failed to complete the project despite of charging 15 million extra rupees.

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One Comment

  1. It is universal phenomena that the truth may be always
    bitter and harsh. In any civilized society the critics are praised and
    appreciated but in instable society such people are considered as negative
    approach people. Often as we have mentioned that we were not expecting with
    dogra raj as we are witnessing in our own self governance system. All you would
    be definitely surprised on my none professional approach or remarks. Whenever
    we mention self governance in this set up many of our honest and fair leaders
    and top management people are involved who are suppressed with corrupt leaders and
    management as well. I have more grievances with these honest political leaders
    as well because they do not stop to pass the resolutions in assembly and
    legalize the corruption through bills as now a day it is happening. The
    professionals are oppressed to change their decision and reinstate the corrupt
    employees as well. To supporting the corruption at the cost of GBIANS has remained
    the main task of some political leaders that leads to whole GB towards
    declination and frustration. They should be noted GB history would never spare
    to such figure heads who call their self the leaders of GB.

    As far as bridge of my native town is concern and its
    breaking before its completion also supports above my arguments.

    The GBIANS were extremely glad with our former chief secretary
    Younus dagha sab as he had started to crush the corrupt elements and actions.
    On the same line we are also fortunate that virtually we have also found an
    honest and committed professional like raja Sultan Sikendar as chief secretary.
    We expect with our present Chief Secretary and his team to make the GB
    corruption free zone and show the so called leadership to what is good
    governance and how does it function.

    In this particular case I would be interested to observe and
    witness the following practical steps rather than statements or verbal calculations.

    It is quite clear that this is the result of
    lack of governance as fair and transparent system does not seem exist. Standard material has not been used proper
    monitoring and supervision has not been ensured and task has been showed
    completed on the bases of commission not on the bases of standard work. This
    shows unaccountability and irresponsibility of all key stake holders like works
    department, Contractor and leadership as well. This deficiency should be compensated
    by company and works department as well as they passed the project without
    completion and verification its validity. If leadership is involved in this
    malpractice he should be also held responsible to afford the cost from his own
    property not from Govt fund to rebuild it.

    As a social analyzer I held accountable to
    contractor and works department. The staff involved should compensate from
    their own property to rebuild this bridge that they have made from commission.

    We expect with respected Berjis Tahir and Raja Sultan Sikender
    to take immediate steps to rebuild of this bridge and obliged to locals.


    Ali Mehr

    Social analyzer/ Activist GB

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