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[Video] SAP teachers end strike after negotiations with clergy in Gilgit

Gilgit, May 14: The teachers of National Education Foundation (NEF) schools, also known as SAP schools, continued their strike in the Gilgit city today also, before conditionally calling it off after negotiations with religious leaders and scholars.

The religious scholars and leaders from MWM promised the teachers that their demands will be met by the 30th of June. The Chief Secretary of Gilgit-Baltistan has also assured the teachers that their demands will be raised with the authorities in Islamabad.

They are demanding regularization of services and payment and increment of salaries. Some of the teachers claim that they have not received salaries for more than a year.

The Gilgit-Baltistan government had raised its hand in defeat, saying the matter can only be resolved by the federal government. The region’ chief secretary has also said that efforts will be made at the federal level to address the grievances of the teachers. Most of the SAP school teachers are women and they are protesting along with their children.

Today they staged a protest demonstration in front of the Chief Secretary’s office, after failing to win the attention of the Chief Minister despite of protesting in front of the GBLA for more than a weak.

The GB government has formed a committee to dialogue with Islamabad for resolving the issues, however some of the committee members have already said that the hopes of the teachers being regularized are thin.

The protesting teachers have also hinted at requesting the Awami Action Committee to take their cause forward.

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