Sigh of a rending heart

By Kamal Uddin & Khalid Ansari

It makes us woebegone when we see tears of blood rolling down the blissful cheeks of mothers. Burning his back in sweltering days and frozen nights, the only breadwinner giving up on his all wishes and youthfulness for ensuring his children’s prosperous future, the fathers’ sigh.

It’s a controversial thread net of words so we expect some harsh criticism and readers may label us as pessimists, close minded and what not, but it’s a darkened yet vivid canvas of society seen by everyone but felt and observed by a few.

Co-education is spreading like an epidemic disease in Gilgit-Baltistan, and number of schools and colleges is on unstoppable increase. The problem is no one knows where are we heading?  We are not against co-education but there are certain problems regarding so.

coedThe thing we need to change is the mindset of students entering such school and colleges, the mindset of hurting, letting down others by any means. Private colleges are having a competition like TV shows which cross the conventional etiquettes for ratings and in this case for MONEY.

Second issue is different student and youth groups on social websites and in schools, colleges and universities in the name of ethnicities and regions with hidden agendas which are blot on the face of our peace loving motherland. We have seen people being cajoled, exploited and used to quench the thirst of lust and making others feel like let down and inferior without realizing they are a part of one of the most cultured societies on the planet. Everyone protects his family but never gives damn about others dignity, values, practices and sincerity.

They are at war; the war of knowledge, excellence and wisdom, but the battlefield gives a different scenario in Gilgit Baltistan. Our youth is taking drugs more than ever before. It has become a trend to take drugs in secondary school till they complete their education. When they feel like giving up addiction it’s too late for them being drowned in the ocean of cigarettes, snuff, weed, wine and what not leaving them frustrated.

In a nutshell, our perceptions and motivations are reshaping. Ethics from our fabric of society are on the verge of extinction. We need to wake up from the deep slumber in order to revive our golden era of peace, love, care, harmony, and prosperity.

May Almighty bless our hearts with the divine doctrines of those who were respected for their identity.

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