Sun. May 9th, 2021

Crown On the Head of Pakistan!

Force Commander of Gilgit-Baltistan, FCNA’s Major General Ahsan Mehmood recently addressed a public gathering in Skardu on the eve of solidarity with people of Occupied Kashmir. He said that Gilgit-Baltistan is like the “Head of Pakistan”, while the people of GB are the “Crown On the Head”. He went on to eulogize the people GB, calling them the most loyal and patriotic Pakistanis. He uttered these words with a commanding and responsible impression on his face. I borrowed the words of the general for title of this article.

Indeed, the golden words vocalized from mouth of a great general symbolize recognition and admiration of GBians by Pak Army, especially of their allegiance to Pakistan.

The able general, from the day first of his posting, has shown his love and affection to the people of Gilgit Baltistan. He is known to be in reach, to help and to meet grievances of needy people, when, and where his help is requested. The instant example I read in social media and in newspapers, seems great to help a convicted person Baba Jaan who is suffering from a heart disease in jail. The person was met and shifted to CMH Gilgit for his treatment properly by obeying the orders of force commander FCNA. The commander hugs privileged poors in streets and gives them sense of protection.

The general, in fact, acts on the principle that, no army, how much strong it may be, cannot defeat the enemy unless the civil population joins in hand with the army. The positive attitude extended by the force commander is exemplary to other high ups serving in GB. They should also behave like and avoid colonial mentality.

Irrebuttably, the other aspect of positive behavior of this man shines and transpires his clear concept of understanding the geopolitical importance of the region.  Geopolitical location of the region makes it a gateway to the regional powers, having approaches with each other. GB is bounded with China, Occupied Kashmir and Afghanistan. A little strip of Pamir prevents to bound this region to south Asian states. Geopolitical importance of the region remains as important today as it was important for British government in India because of USSR. The Russian government might penetrate into British India through this region with the intention to spread communist ideology at that time. Today the super powers like America are worried about CPEC between china and Pakistan. Burning of Indian government and her cries are witnessed from media.

Beside all the above geopolitical importance, if the only issue of water shortage is discussed then too this region having not any less importance for Pakistan. The experts have given their opinion on the subjects that; Pakistan fastly travels towards dryness in the country. Prime minister of Pakistan also has warned the nation in this regard. Pakistan has the only region, to which nature has bestowed with abundant water reservoirs. Lofty snow clad mountains and huge range glaciers therein are the only hope for Pakistan to meet the severe situation of shortfall of water in future. This region is called Gilgit Baltsistan which has been kept disputed by relating the same to Kashmir issue.

The present status of GB needs to be reconsidered by the responsible quarters and think tanks in Pakistan, even if, they could not traversed from their previous stance, then; too they should realize the ambition of people of Gilgit Baltistan as their fed up to the teeth with the present colonial setup. Gbians want a constitutional status in Pakistan. At least, add power to the status to occupied Kashmir by enemy country India or the status given to AJK by Pakistan. The recent verdict given by supreme court of Pakistan can be cited in this regard wherein a safe way out has been directed to follow the recommendations given by Sartaj Aziz committee. The federation can make a provisional province of GB pending disposal of Kashmir issue by amending the constitution as the Supreme Court has categorically held in his verdict that, a provisional province pending disposal of the Kashmir issue is not fatal to the Kashmir issue.

Before departing, I invite the attention of the commander FCNA and 10 core commander to use their good offices to convince federation of Pakistan and the opposition to solve this problem of Gbians which is in fact the Pakistan’s own problem if deeply understood the issue, keeping in view the importance of the region in present scenario stated above.

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