AKU-EB SSC results: Girls clinch all top positions  

Karachi, July 9, 2014: Continuing last year’s tradition, girls once again outperformed boys and clinched all the top positions in the Secondary School Certificate examinations conducted by Aga Khan University Examination Board. As scheduled, the Board released its SSC Part-I and -II results on Wednesday within seven weeks of the end of the examinations.

This year, SSC students sat examinations in over 43 subjects in 22 cities across Pakistan, from Karachi to Gilgit, Mianwali, Sukkur and Jacobabad.

akuThe top three candidates all scored over 90 per cent. Hiba Khalid of P.E.C.H.S Girls’ School, Karachi bagged the first position securing 94 per cent. Maliha Ahmed Eesha of Nusrat Jehan Academy Girls High School, Chenab Nagar came second with 92.38 per cent while Syeda Kanza Kazmi of Al-Murtaza School, Karachi came third, in close competition with 92.28 per cent.

The overall passing rate for SSC Part-I was 83.6 per cent with 15.6 per cent of the candidates scoring an A1-Grade. Meanwhile, the overall passing rate for SSC Part-II was 91.6 per cent with 20 per cent  of the candidates obtaining an A1-Grade.

“We are pleased to see a high percentage of candidates scoring excellent grades in the SSC examinations. While we congratulate all the candidates for their performance, we would like to acknowledge their teachers too, for their hard work in providing relevant learning experiences,” said Karima Kara, Associate Director, AKU-EB while emphasising the importance of effective teaching in improving educational outcomes for students.

“AKU-EB is committed to constructively preparing its students for the future by providing high quality assessments along with professional development opportunities for teachers,” she added.

Seema Malik, Principal P.E.C.H.S Girls’ School, Karachi expressed her deep confidence in the transparency exercised at AKU-EB.

“We expected a top position for a couple of our students and one of them got it. We feel extremely proud of Hiba. This success is a result of mutual hard work, integrity, quality learning and appropriate guidance,” she said.

“I owe this milestone to my parents, teachers and siblings who helped out at every step of my journey. I can’t be thankful enough to the Almighty,” said Hiba Khalid, the first position holder. “My teachers always guided me to be focused, read up reference books to grasp concepts, and master the Student Learning Outcomes provided by AKU-EB.”

Talking about the teachers’ role in student achievement, Ms Malik said, “It is important for the teachers to understand that there could be many possible answers to the same question which helps facilitate better learning. With AKU-EB’s guidance, we have been able to create a culture where students are also taking responsibility of their own learning,” Ms Malik further added.

The second and third position holders, Maliha Ahmed and Syeda Kanza Kazmi emphasised the importance of conceptual learning in their success. “The simplest way to excel in exams is by enriching one’s learning. I used to watch the online video lessons offered by AKU-EB as well as those on other educational websites for a better grasp of topics,” said Maliha Ahmed.

AKU-EB’s annual SSC results are now available online at http://examinationboard.aku.edu with detailed graphical analysis reports by gender and group-wise student performances.

The Higher Secondary School Certificate (Class XI and XII) results will be announced on July 16.

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  1. Excellent ! Many congratulations to you all high flyers , your families and your teachers as well. Keep it up and put your share to improve quality education in Pakistan.

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