Corruption: FIA arrests four education dept officials and a contractor

Gilgit, July 16: The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Wednesday arrested five employees of the Gilgit-Baltistan Education Department on charges of embezzlement related to the NAVTEC project, launched by the federal government in 2009 for skills enhancement of youth. Seven vocational centers were to be created as part of the project, one in each of the region’s seven districts. However, the arrested officials in connivance with the contractor allegedly misappropriated the funds and led the project towards a disastrous failure. Hunt for two more officials, including Kacho Sayedan and Attaullah has been launched by the FIA, according to media reports.

The arrested people include former Director Planning Syed Abedeen, Syed Nabi Shah, Faizullah Baig, Abdul Mueen and contractor Salam Jan. They have been accused of misappropriating funds related of the NAVTEC, or National Vocational and Technical Education Commission.

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  1. All this is the result of bad governance in GB. Agencies should dealt all embezzlement cases regardless of any affiliation. we are observing that political pressure is mounted to legalize corruption cases on the bases of like and dislike. Today I was reading in news paper that as one of committed secretary refused to legalize corruption there fore he was transferred from that department. If this would be our governance standard and behaviour of leadership how we can expect that corruption would be eliminated regardless of affiliation from GB.We would request to Chief secretary sab and his team to continue his efforts to discourage all types of corrupt elements and corruption regardless of cast, colour and creed from GB. We would also expect with FIA to start investigation on misappropriation of funds of last four years that was allocated for GB.

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