Broghil Festival a milestone for region’s development, said Maj Gen. Javed Bukhari

By Gul Hamaad Farooqi

Chitral, August 29: Broghil Festival willl be a milestone for development of the the backward and remote Broghil Valley, located at the Pak-Afghan border, adjacent to the Wakhan Valley. The festival attracted a large number of local and non-local tourists and the number of visitors will increase in the future, enabling the region’s economy.

SONY DSCThese views were shared by Major General Akhtar Salim Rao, Commanding Officer of the Malakand Division, as chief guest at the concluding ceremony of the three day festival.

The Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa had organized the event in collaboration with the paramilitary Chitral Scouts.

Polo on Yak, Donkey and Horse, was the highlight of the event, along with Buzkashi, and exhibition of local handicrafts and cuisines.

Talking to local journalists, General Akhtar Salim Rao said that he was very excited on visiting the valley. He said that he was really impressed by the local games and traditional events like Yak polo, which he said, was unique to the valley. Responding to a question he said that Army Engineering battalion has constructed a road to the post of Chitral Scouts and it will be extended to the last village of the valley.

A local man dancing during the festival
A local man dancing during the festival

Local people thanked to Lt Col Sarfaraz Awan wing commander of 146 wing of Chitral Scouts, Pakistan Army , TCKP,  Thrive CIADP (Chitral Integrated Area development program) Sarhad Rural Support Program (SRSP) and other Non Government Organizations for supporting the organizing committee for celebrating the event.

Horse polo was played between Broghul and Ishkamon (Gilgit Baltistan) team in which Ishkamon defeated Broghul Team. In yak match Lashkargaz defeated  Chikar team.  In donkey polo Broghil A team defeated Broghil B team.

Local women had come to attend the festival
Local women had come to attend the festival

Educationist and chairman of PUNAR LSO Sher Wali Khan Aseer demanded from the federal, provincial government as well as international donors for focusing on the valley to bring positive changes in their lives who still passing through the stone period and there is no development in this modern era.

At last the chief guest including Major General Rao, chief executive officer of SRSP distributed prizes among the players. The buz kasha trophy was given to Anwar Baig of Garamchishma (employee of CIADP).

Local people said that the event was started by the local volunteers but it was banned in Parvez Musharaf regime as a result the area plunged into more backwardness and oblivion.

There is no source of income nor any natural resources except water and tourism.

A large number of tourists from KPK and Gilgit Baltistan attended the festival and enjoyed the colorful events in paradise like valley of Broghil.

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