13 Pakistani soldiers killed by militants attacking from Afghanistan

Gul Hammad Farooqi

CHITRAL/DIR UPPER: As many as 13 soldiers of the Pakistan Army were killed by militants who attacked in the Upper Dir area of Malakand Division. Confirming the news,  an officer of Pakistan Army said that up to 100 extremist militants entered Pakistani territory but they were challenged by our security forces who were patrolling border area and started indiscriminating firing as a result 6 security forces and 14 miscreants also killed.

Almost 11 security forces personnel are missing after the encounter, seven of whom are believed to have been killed and beheaded, sources reveal. A military officer disclosed that some unknown militants attacked at Dir lower and fired 2 rocket launcher and opened firing on Pakistani area.

Pakistan Army has protested against cross border attack on Pak Afghan border area as well as inside of Pakistan’s territory, he added.

While on the other hand spokesman of Tahriki Taliban Pakistan Sirajud Din confirmed attacked on Pakistani security forces while he was talking to foreign media on telephone. He claimed that they have attacked on Barawal Banda and have killed 18 security forces. He further claimed that corps (dead bodies) of 17 security forces are still in their possession.













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  1. It is indeed heart breaking to know that some Jawns of the Pakistan Army have been butchered in a remote part of Dir by the enemies of our country Pakistan. May Allah reunite the departed souls with their primordial origin and may He bless them with His ever lasting mercy!! Ameen. We condemn the brazen act of manifest brutality. Amid the confusions of this event lies a lesson and that is let us forge unity and solidarity among us which is also the need of the hour. Our country Pakistan is in great dangers internally and externally. Let us forget the divisions and unite ourselves so that the nefarious designs of our enemies would go futile.

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