Factual errors in O Level book on Pakistan’s environment

Reported by Asif Sakhi Weer

Karachi: Cambridge International Examination System is considered to be among the best education/examination systems in the world. It is generally believed that the students enrolled under the O Level/A Level system are able to learn in a very objective and effective manner. However, it is unfortunate to see that while laudably attempting to present details about the people and places of Pakistan, some factual errors have been left in a recently published book.

O Level Book Errors (1)
The photograph above is the cover of a recently published book that is endorsed by the Cambridge International Examinations system. Titled, The Environment of Pakistan, published by Peak Publishers, the book leaves a lot to be desired in terms of attention to details and factual accuracy. Some of the anomalies are being explained below.
O Level Book Errors (4)
The picture on the left in the image above is of Passu village, but it has been portrayed as Lake Saif-ul-Maluk in the book.
 O Level Book Errors (2)
In this picture, a woman donning the traditional hat of Hunza Valley is shown but in the description she has been portrayed as a resident of a different region.
O Level Book Errors (3)
This picture shows the Kalashi women, who belong to a unique cultural group located in the Kalash Valley, but they have been shown as women from the Hunza Valley.
It is hoped that these factual anomalies will be removed from the book, enabling the students to learn about their country’s people and places in a more factually relevant manner.

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