GOLD Delegation visits Gilgit to discuss various issues

GOLD Delegation 

February 27, 2008: A ten member delegation of the Gulmit Organization for Local Development visited Gilgit to meet the chief executive and government officials and discuss various issues of public interest. Led by Afzal Khan, Chairman of the organization, the delegation met Ghazanfar Ali Khan, Chief Executive Northern Areas, Secretary Education and Director of Educaiton Department Gilgit.Issues related to health, education, communication and irrigation were discussed during the meetings. 

Although a 10 bed hospital has been established in Gulmit, the tehsil headquarter, there is acute dearth of trained staff in the hospital, the chief executive was told. The delegation demanded that this hospital shall be properly staffed. They demanded an answer within a weeks time, in this regard. 

Similarly violation of rules in appointments at government girl high school, related to employees below BPS -9, were discussed with the Secreatary Education, Director Education and Chief Executive. According to goverment rules all hirings below the said scale have to be of people belonging to a particular union council but in the case of F.G. Girls High School, Gulmit, this rule has not been followed. The delegation demanded that such illegal hirings shall be annuled and fresh appointments made, according to the established rules. It was also revealed during these meetings that science teachers hired for at higher pay scales, although drawing their pays from the high school in Gulmit, were working in other schools.

Other issues related to water channels, bridges and link roads were also discussed with these government officials and representatives. Numberdar Bai Nazar, Shaban Ali, Sultan Aziz, Mrs. Rauf, Mrs. Karim, Sarbaz Khan, , Muhammad Ali, Sajad Ahmad and Faqeer Karim, cluster GSL, were some of the members of this delegation.

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  1. i apreaciate the efforts of GOLD for doing best job for the batterment of people of our region again i appraciate u r effort

  2. I m really glade to know that many new faces have come up for a cause that if carried out with the same spirits will produce a good and long lasting effects.It is really imperative to create strong linkages with the different departments of government at micro as well as macro level for developmental puroses.
    The members of GOLD, a marvellous job you have embarked on and hope that other members of the society will also follow you for this kind of activities.I must say that you deserve a big hand and lots of appreciation for such initiatives.
    Keep your spirits higher and we are with you as the course you have choosen for the betterment of the society is more appropriare and learned one.

  3. it is really nice to know that members of GOLD visited Gilgit and met with Ghanzanfar and other relevent departmment heads. let us hope that the authorities in Gilgit pay proper attention to the recommendations of the delegation to make their journey meaningfull. Well done GOLD members, I salute your efforts. Keep it up.


  4. Good step from GOLD and and hope for the postive response from the concerned Departments for the betterment of the society

  5. GOLD team, thanks for stepping ahead with its unique mission. Good luck and wonderful to see you all in this picture.


  6. It is really great effort and sacrifices of those who are contributing for the development the area. GOLD team is really doing a magnificent work. I thank and salute the team for their efforts.

    Aafiyat Nazar

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