Accident: Dead body of tourist found in Passu, Gojal

Reported by Israr Salahuddin

Passu, September 20: Police and members of a rescue team have found the dead body of a female tourist who had gone missing yesterday after falling off a track built on a narrow cliff.According to latest updates, the femaletrekker is from Taiwan (China), and not Japan as reported earlier, while her male colleague reportedly is a citizen of France. AFP, French news agency, has identified the Taiwanese tourist as Yu-Ching Chang.The deceased tourist had reportedly fallen off a cliff yesterday. Her male co-trekker, had also been injured, say reports. He unsuccessfully tried to search for his missing companion and then reached the Passu village, to inform the locals about the accident.A search and rescue mission was started later by police and locals who have now found the dead body of the female tourist.

Imtiaz Ali, owner of local tour company Hunza Holiday, has told Gohar Abbas of AFP that most independent trekkers in the area stick to safe routes, but the accident took place on a treacherous stretch of the mountain.

“The descending route that the tourists took is very dangerous — even the locals take very care and avoid the Bandh trek,” Ali told AFP. “One miscalculated step will result in nothing short of death as one would fall thousands feet down on rocks.”

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