Exchanging Colours: From Gulmit (Hunza) to South Africa

Islamabad, September 23: Laurence Savary is a French/Swiss photographer, having an ‘adopted family’ in Passu village of Gojal Valley, upper Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. During her last visit of Gulmit, Laurence exhibited a number of photographs of South African flowers at the Girls High School, Gulmit.
She then asked the students to express themselves in colours and lines, by drawing and coloring flowers. The artistic expressions of the students of the Govt Girls High School have now been exhibited in South Africa, as part of an effort to explain the creative potentials of the students of Pakistan. 
Some of the photographs of the exhibition held in Gulmit are appended below. More details and photographs can be seen at her Flicker accountShe also intends to write about the exhibition held in South Africa in a national newspaper of Pakistan.

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