“Life of an earthworm” research project at Karakuram University, Gilgit

What do you know about the life of earthworms?

A $1 million 3-year partnership between University of Oregon (OU) and Karakoram International University (KIU), focusing on Business Administration and Environmental Studies, explores this and other natural wonders.

During a recent visit by OU faculty to KIU, exchange faculty from the U.S. shared the latest research techniques in their respective fields and imparted teacher training. The delegation, led by Dr. Anita Weiss, was also impressed with the scenic surroundings of the university and its environs.

In the photo, Biology and Environmental Studies professor Dr. Brendan Bohannan from University of Oregon and Dr. Farida Begum from KIU work together in the lab on the “life of an earthworm.” Vai US Embassy Page 

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