Team YRGB reaches Gojal Valley to educate students on career planning

Team YRGB (4)

Gojal: (PR) Members ofYoung Reformers Gilgit-Baltistan (YRGB) reached Gojal Valley today, crossing the dammed Hunza River on a boat, to conduct the first session at F. G Boys High Schools ,Gulmit,Gojal.

Team tried to give encouragement,motivation and enlightenment to energetic students of this area ,who had their socio-econimical patterns, altered by the Attabad landslide Disaster.

The accessibility to this region has been limited due to its detachment from ground-route ,which has affected the level of education there as well. Students were motivated by team YRGB ,through audio-visual documentaries and sharing of motivational stories, energizing them , for getting further education and make right career choices, that could supplement communal needs of people for improvement in their region.

More sessions will be held in the Gojal Valley in the future by Team Young Reformers Gilgit-Baltistan. 

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