3.5bn environmental improvement plan ready for Gilgit city

Reporting by Abdul Rehman Bukhari

Gilgit, October 18: The Gilgit Development Authority has Okayed an environmental improvement plan for Gilgit city. The initial feasibility of the 3.5 billion rupees project has been completed.

Under the plan, Gilgit city between the Gilgit Gate and Baseen RCC Bridge has been divided into seven zones. Areas across the Hanisara river hasve been divided into three zones, while Skarkoi locality is not being considered under the plan.

Sources have informed that the project will be soon be mapped through open bidding and the project will be implemented within 30 months.

Under the plan, the sewerage waste from houses will be channelized through a central sewerage line. A plant will be established near Cheeta Colony Jutial to treat the waste, before emptying it in the Hanisara River.

Gilgit city, which is the commercial and administrative hub of Gilgit-Baltistna region, has been expanding at very fast pace, creating severe issues for the residents. Sanitation and water supply for the city’s residents have emerged as a major issue.

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