Firing: Two people killed as groups clash in Thore Valley, Diamer

Chilas, October 25: Two young men clashed in the Gabar village of Thore Valley over a trivial matter. One of the youth was shot in the fight and died on the spot.
The news of the youth’s murder spread in the valley like wildlife and soon turned into a family feud, involving armed men who opened fire on each other. During the cross-firing a woman was also shot dead. Firing between the two groups continued for a long time. On getting report of the heavy firing, a contingent of police was dispatched to the valley to quell the situation.
The firing stopped after the arrival of the police and on the request of elders from neighboring villages who had reached the valley in large number along with the police.
Many people in the remote parts of Diamer district carry guns and live a semi-tribal life, where family feuds are common and run for decades, leading to bloodshed every now and then.


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