Syed Tahir Ali Shah appointed Chief Election Commissioner for Gilgit-Baltistan

Islmabad, November 20: Ex judge of the Supreme Appellate Court of Gilgit-Baltistan, Syed Tahir Ali Shah has been appointed as the Chief Election Commission of Gilgit-Baltistan, it has reliably been learnt.

According to reports, the decision has been made at the highest level in the corridors of executive powers. It is pertinent to note that almost all major political parties and the GBLA had demanded nomination of a local person for this key position, as the region braces for general elections next year.

Born in the year 1947, he has risen through the ranks, serving as a civil judge, before resigning and practicing law for some time. He was sworn in as a judge of the GB Supreme Appellate Court in 2005, from which he retired three years later in 2008.

Justice (r) Tahir Ali Shah belongs to Khaplu, the headquarters of District Ghanghce.

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One Comment

  1. On many occasions as we had elaborated that there are some committed retired professionals and officers who have great devotion with the soil and people of GB. Justice sab is also amongst of ones as he had started to work on provincial status of GB.

    We were too much optimistic that through our self governance system the GB will make record progress, but unfortunately it could not be so. The following elements damaged and defamed the self Governance adversely and caused the deterioration of GB.

    1. Disappearance of Islamic and universal values.( Honesty, equality, truthfulness, justice ,integrity and peace)
    2. Lack of governance. ( lack of accountability , and lack of respect of rule of law)
    3. Disappearance of good governance( accountability, transparency , rule of law, equality, justice, equity and responsiveness)
    4. Violation of Basic human rights.( Water, food, health, education etc)
    5. Dishonest and corrupt elements

    The system of self governance was spoiled by corrupt elements that engulfed the whole region and become the cause of disintegration and frustration in GB.

    It is not a crime that some of our leaders or officers are not professional or competent. But their major crime is that as a middle man or as an agent they deteriorated the system through selling jobs that is not forgivable in any society.

    Infrastructure and resources (Human & material) were in place in all systems but these were not properly utilized. Resources were wasted owing to not having proper mechanism of follow up and accountability system.

    Our GB top management has started to take steps for system improvement but it will take time to change the office culture or routines. Need to accelerate and expand this activity at greater and larger level by involving department heads.

    We wasted the five years of self governance in frustration, disintegration and blaming one another that would be a part of GB history.

    However for future our leadership and management need to be on same page in progress of GB through involving expert professionals from all segments of GB society.

    In the light of above given facts we would expect to you to ensure place a system and mechanism that discouraged and disqualify the dishonest leaders.

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