Gilgit: PIA cancels tickets of several common people to facilitate “VIPs”

Gilgit, November 25: PIA officials in Gilgit today cancelled confirmed ticket of several commuters and asked them to go back to their homes in what has been described as an “inhumane” and bizarre act of disregard for the common people.

According to Didar Ali, who was at the airport this morning, the tickets were cancelled to facilitate the movement of the region’s Chief Minister, Chief Secretary and several Secretaries and members of the regional legislative assembly and other “dignitaries”.

Didar told Pamir Times that many women started crying at the airport after suddenly being told that their confirmed tickets stand cancelled. He said that many of the people whose tickets were cancelled had visa and job interviews which they are likely to miss.

It is pertinent to note that the PIA has become one of the country’s most inefficient public institutions, known for cancelling flights, selling tickets through illegal means and failing to manage baggage of its passengers.

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  1. PIA is not to blamed for this, it is our Legislators who even don’t know the meaning of legislation.

  2. Shame on the political leadership and so called CM and CS , who just got approval of pia ticket cancellation from the federation and get happy,….

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