11 year old child raped in Chitral, culprit and accomplice arrested

Gul Hammad Farooqi 

Chitral, December 6: A man has been arrested on charges of raping an eleven years old Child in the Chitral district oKPK.

According to details shared by SHO Ayoon valley, an 11 year old child was taken out of her school by a man named Munir and a woman named Anjuman Shahin. She was told that her sister is ill. From the school, she was allegedly taken to a house where the man named Munir allegedly raped her. The girl made loud noises due to which a large number of people living in the neighborhood came to the house and caught the rapist “red-handed”.

The locals informed the police who reached on the spot and arrested the alleged rapist. The police have registered cases under section 365B, 496A, 511, 34 and 53 of the Pakistan Penal Code.

According to the latest details, the alleged rapist has reportedly confessed his crime and rape has also been proven by a medical report.

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