Partially collapsed Alam Bridge disrupts traffic between Gilgit and Baltistan

Gilgit, December 6: An overloaded truck crossing the Alam Bridge today broke a portion of the strategic hanging bridge, made of wood and iron, disrupting traffic between Baltistan and rest of the country. By the evening, the Pakistan Army engineers were able to remove the truck from the middle of the bridge and the repair work was underway, according to officials.

According to details, a portion of the strategic Alam Bridge gave in today while a heavily loaded truck was crossing it. The trucks driver and his co-traveler were able to save their lives, as the vehicle they were traveling in tilted dangerously towards the river that flows hundreds of feet below.

The bridge provides a vital link between Gilgit and Baltistan, used by thousands of commuters from Shigar, SKardu, Khaplu, Rondu and Kharmang, among all other regions of Baltistan.

Two years back the bridge had collapsed and traffic had remained suspended for several days. The locals from Baltistan have expressed anger and disappointment over the failure of the government to maintain the bridge and keep it in working order, despite of fully being aware of its importance for the commuters, as well as the armed forces.

On the other hand, the GB government maintains that keeping the bridges in working condition is the responsibility of the National Highways Authority (NHA) and people are blaming them for political reasons.

The Gilgit-Baltistan government during the last five years has failed to complete any significant road structure in the region. Some of the bridges that were under construction collapsed during the last four years, while work on others has been stalled for unexplained reasons. An important bridge linking Jutial with Konodas in Gilgit city has been under-construction for more than five years.

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  1. Often we have elaborated that the GBIANS respect and appreciate
    those leaders and parties that is working for welfare of GB people and ensure delivery of services to common people. Only newspapers headlines are not merely rely on.
    1.GBIANS applauses the deeds of Shaheed zulfiqar ali Bhutto for eliminating FCR and boosting the democracy that was deteriorated and demolished by present his party leaders.
    2. GBIANS also salute to Pervaz Musharaf for spreading record development net work in GB and on granting KIU.

    3. People of GB respect and appreciate the Mian
    brethrens (Present PM sab And CM Sab Punjab) for their devotion with GB people
    where they always stood in turbulence of GB whether it is Giyari sector or Atta
    abad disaster. Apart from this, the allocation of professional seats for GB
    students in Punjab and free education as well as considering the GB students
    equally with Punjab students in giving the lap tops, are their noblest and
    unforgettable good deeds for GB. It is hoped this relation and devotion would not only
    be continued but it will be further strengthened through granting The GB constitutional
    right in national assembly and senate as well.

    If any party or leadership looses its
    reliability and credibility it is worse and more dangerous than physical death.
    Such situation was witnessed at country level and in GB during the five

    The Gb people had great expectations with self
    governance but it distorted the image of GB through bad governance. All this
    was result of some incompetent and dishonest political leaders. Instead of
    mentoring and monitoring the professionals they forced and compelled to destroy
    the systems. To some extent professionals are also equally accountable and
    responsible as they were needed to oppose the illegal things. The new
    generation Of Gb would never spare these dishonest leaders and officers who
    distorted the image of GB and recorded a dark history of bad governance in GB. All such officers and leaders
    should apologize with GB nation on such misdeeds and deteriorating the Govt. institutions.
    We are optimistic the present top management is trying its level best to reduce the corruption and in place good systems to ensure service delivery by relevant department. Still things need to be streamlined and transparent to ensure good governance.

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