Wrenching hearts in a helpless Nation

Salima Aman

Sitting in the front of television and watching small coffins on the shoulders of brave fathers, the blooded boots, the stranded mothers looking for their children is a very miserable moment for everyone without any hesitation. My heart went out when I swapped on the News watching the scenario and feeling very gloomy for the family members of sufferers. To figure ‘’141’’ is very easy but the burden and carving marks for their families are hard to count.

This is not the first time that terrorists attacked; mercilessness has traversed the limits and fired more than 130 homes in Peshawar living behind wounds for the life time. Children who were victims of this incident are not more than 15years; they slept for forever when it was time for them to just spring out their wings, what was their fault? Their fault was that they were children of Pak army, their fault was that they were children of those people who are saving the Nation from terrorists and by killing them brutally the cowards think they got the victory. The attack on army public school is deadliest attack in the history of Pakistan it’s a mourning time for the whole Nation. I wonder is this the teachings of Islam? Is this the instruction to burn out mortals live; is this the instruction to fire the innocent faces? I feel very sad being a part of such a helpless Nation the thing only I can do is viewing every ruthless act and getting prepare for the next one to come. Thinking of small departed innocent souls is heart twisting but still we are bound to step up against the cruelty, this is our reality and we belong to this nation. This day will remembered in history, not only Pakistani air is mourning the whole world is shocked for the mishap, my hands are shivering to explain how badly small students were shot.

I am well aware that my writing piece is never going to get back the children to their families; it’s only some sympathy that I can show and pray for them and I stay under this limit. We can’t blame anyone, but our authoritative personalities should consider the security issues and make them strong to reach out, everyone is fed-up of statements by politicians to eradicate the terrorism. I hope that the whole Nation will give hands in hands to remove the roots of unkindness and pray for the departed ones to rest in peace. If still the Nation sleeps and don’t wake up than will never wake up!

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